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HERITAGE CHARITY FOURS » 29th October 2017

The 20th running saw another good turnout with 34 teams supporting the event, with plenty of teams from across Suffolk as well as ones from Norfolk and Essex to help us to raise money in aid of East Anglia Air Ambulance.

All the teams were placed in a single group, playing 4 times, with the top 16 qualifying for the Knockout Stages later in the day.

Round Robin
Only 2 teams won all of their games, Knodishall A and Knodishall E. Four other teams dropped just a single point, Kelsale B, Bealings B, Belstead/Snape and Stanningfield.

One other team was undefeated, Old Felixstowe, who won 2 and drew 2. They were one of 6 teams who finished on 6 points, the rest were Reepham Robins, Copdock & Washbrook, Knodishall B, Tithe Barn and Thurston.

URC Felixstowe were the only team to end up on 5 points and the final three teams to qualify each won 2 and lost 2 but had enough shots to sneak in, they were Middleton B, Knodishall F and finally Occold.

First Round
Knodishall E
ran away from Copdock & Washbrook in the latter part of the game to win 11-3.

Belstead/Snape were ahead of Knodishall F by a couple of shots, but dropped 5 in 2 ends to lose 7-4.

URC Felixstowe were similarly ahead but lost the last 3 ends to Thurston who finished 6-4 winners.

Knodishall A and Stanningfield were all square when the whistle blew so they needed an extra end which went to Stanningfield who won the game 5-3.

Kelsale B were ahead of Knodishall B early on but Knodishall won the last 3 ends to take the game 6-3.

Reepham Robins and Tithe Barn were level 5 ends in but Tithe Barn took 3 on the 6th end and won the game 6-4.

Bealings B took a comfortable win over Occold, finishing 8-2 up.

Old Felixstowe finished up with a 11-2 win over Middleton B.

Quarter Finals
moved away from Thurston on ends 5 and 6 to take a 7-3 win.

Knodishall E took 3 on the first end against Knodishall F and won comfortably, 7-1.

Bealings B only dropped one end to Old Felixstowe, winning 12-4.

Knodishall B let Tithe Barn get a 4 shot start before drawing level only to immediately drop 5 shots and lose the game 10-4.

Bealings B
were comfortably ahead of Tithe Barn after 4 ends and although Tithe Barn were strong in the last 3 ends Bealings had already done enough and finished 8-6 winners.

Although Knodishall E were off to the better start against Stanningfield on paper, in reality it was Stanningfield who were often in a better position. However a combination of not blocking when perhaps they should have and trying to block when they didn't need to meant that they didn't make the most of good positions. Although it was all square after 4 ends Knodishall took the next 2 and were able to control the last end to win 6-4.

Bealings B
v Knodishall E
Struggling to find line and weight on the first end nothing was particularly near but Knodishall just got one shot. The second end was an improvement with Don nudging the jack with his last wood to go from 1 down to 2 up.

The 3rd end saw Bealings holding one with the skips still to bowl, Don's first dropped a few inches in front, Chris couldn't better it and it was 2 to Bealings putting them 4-1 ahead. The 4th end started badly for Knodishall and got progressively worse, when Chris came to bowl his final wood he was all 8 down, so cutting it back to 3 was relatively good, but at 7-1 down the writing was on the wall.

With the jack edging further back Knodishall were holding one, maybe two as Chris came to bowl his first. A risky shot to send another of his woods in was decided upon, but he hit the wrong one, and sent the jack off to put Bealings 9-1 up.

Knodishall would need a big score but Bealings were happy to just get lots of seconds and restrict their opposition to just the one. 9-2 to Bealings.

The final end started messily with Bealings perhaps trying a little too hard to push the jack back, but in the end they did it and with half the woods still to be bowled it was all over. Bealings drove the jack into the corner and added another 5 to finish 14-2 winners.

The day's full results can be found here.

Many thanks to everyone who joined us and helped us with our fundraising efforts which this year raised £672.44.

You can find details of the money raised over the years here.

You can find a list of all the previous winners here.