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It was the 6th time around for the annual match between the Heritage League and the South Norfolk Carpet Bowls Federation, hosted by South Norfolk at Wortwell, with Heritage looking to retain the trophy after taking their first win in 2016.

Unfortunately it proved difficult to get a team which was properly representative of the League, but thanks to Knodishall, who put up 4 blocks, we were able to put a team together.

There would be 4 sessions of play, each with 6 matches and with each block playing 3 times during the day.

The first session saw an equal share of the points as each side won 3 times but South Norfolk's victories were by much larger margins, so Heritage were 19 shots behind overall.

The second session was the same, three wins for each side but this time Heritage were able to pull some shots back and the sides went into the tea break at 12 points all with Sounth Norfolk now 11 shots ahead (98-87).

The third session finally saw a break in the deadlock with 3 wins to Heritage, 2 to South Norfolk and 1 draw, giving Heritage a 19-17 edge and a 7 shot advantage (145-138).

All Heritage would need to do to win would be to win half the games, which was the least they had done in each session so far. Unfortunately that wasn't the way it went.

In the main hall, were 4 of the 6 games were being played only Kelsale were in from while the other teams were struggling to a greater or lesser extent. Those 3 games were lost and Kelsale squandered an 8-1 lead, only just managing a rescue a 9-9 draw with the last wood. But that didn't look like it would be enough, not knowing what was going on in the other room.

However the teams in there were doing the league proud as Knodishall A beat Alburgh who had not yet lost, 10-5 and Wenhaston picking up their first points of the day with a 12-3 win over East Harling.

Those points were enough to level the score at 24 points each and for Heritage to take the win by all of 6 shots (193-187).

All the Heritage teams contributed to the win, with notable performances by Knodishall B who won all 3 games and Knodishall A and Darsham who won twice, but Wenhaston, Middleton, Kelsale, Knodishall C and Knodishall D all scored at least 1 point.

We look forward to South Norfolk's visit to Leiston in 2018 when we hope that more clubs will be able to put up teams for the Heritage squad and that we'll be able to make it 3 in a row.

Previous Results
2016 - Heritage 28 South Norfolk 20 (200-184)
2015 - South Norfolk 30 Heritage 18 (189-178)
2014 - Heritage 23 South Norfolk 25 (216-189)
2013 - South Norfolk 29 Heritage 19 (228-186)
2012 - Heritage 24 South Norfolk 24 (196-202)

HERITAGE FOURS » 5th March 2017

We had 17 teams entered for the fours, playing in 3 groups with the winners, runners-up and 2 best 3rd placed teams going into the knockout stages.

Group 1
Three teams all won 3 and lost one game so the final positions were decided on shots. Wissett A came out on top with 33 shots, Knodishall A were second on 31 shots and Leiston St Margarets FC finished third on 26 shots. All three qualified.

Group 2
Knodishall E
swept the board with 4 wins out of 4 and were the only team to be undefeated in the group stage. Kelsale A lost just once to finish second, while Sizewell's two wins and 27 shots was enough for them to also go through.

Group 3
Kelsale B
topped the group with 3 wins while second place came down to shots between 3 teams who had all won twice and lost twice. And it was Knodishall B who just edged out Middleton A and Orford/Sizewell.

Quarter Finals
The game between Leiston St Marg FC and Knodishall E was in no doubt after just the first end was played as Knodishall picked up all 8 shots, finally taking a resounding 16-1 win.

Knodishall A took control of their game against Sizewell on the 4th end by picking up a 4, enabling them to hang on to a 7-4 victory.

Kelsale A were 4-2 up against Wissett A as their game passed the halfway mark, but Wissett took each on the last 3 ends to take a 6-4 win.

Kelsale B made a strong start, moving out to a 7-0 lead over Knodishall B, enabling them to hold off a late surge to win 9-4.

Knodishall A
got a strong foothold in their game against Kelsale B, 6 up after 3 ends, Kelsale never got a look in and Knodishall finished 10-1 ahead.

Wissett A held a 3-1 lead against Knodishall E after 3 ends and even losing the next two they were only 4-3 down. But Knodishall came on stong in the last 2 ends, racking up 8 shots to take a 12-3 win.

Knodishall A
(Carole Saxby, Ann Bennett, John Threadkell & David Hurr) v Knodishall E (Chris & Shirley Tilbrook, Val Game and Ken Drane)
End 1 – A are holding 5 when the skips come to bowl, Chris knocks one out and then David moves the jack to the opposition and Chris draws a second. E lead 2-0.
End 2 – Again A make the better start but Chris (with a bit of a wick) gets shot with his last wood. 3-0
End 3 – The jack gets pushed to the corner and A are holding. This the skips do nothing and it's 1 to A. 3-1
End 4 – It's a scrappy end but despite chances it's only one to E. 4-1.
End 5 – Val takes shot with her 2nd and trying to force the issue David takes the jack off. 6-1.
End 6 – A are in desperate need of a decent count but the jack is being driven back and that's to E's advantage. John gets in and although the jack goes to the edge they hang on and have a lifeline. 6-2.
End 7 – Shirley's first wood is close and her second is better. E can afford to defend, A have to attack. But A can do nothing and it's another 2 to E. Final score 8-2.

Knodishall E rarely looked troubled all day, they were run close once in the group games but finished the day unbeaten for a worthy win.

HERITAGE LADIES' SINGLES » 12th February 2017

A total 22 Ladies entered the singles. Playing in 4 groups, the winners and runners-up would qualify for the knockout stages.

Group 1
Clare Nessling
came through her group games undefeated, dropping just 1 point to win the group. Barbara Barker lost jut once to finish second.

Group 2
Three players finished on 6 points, Valerie Game came in first with 39 shots, Kay Masters just edged into second on 34 shots, while Julie Hurr, 2 shots further back, missed out.

Group 3
Another group where 3 players finished on 6 points, but this was even closer. Jane Evans was clear at the top on 33 shots but behind her Judy Easy and Jane Robinson were tied on 26 shots and remarkably both also had 21 shots against. So it was a first ever one end shootout for the two of them which went to Judy.

Group 4
And yet another group with 3 finishing with 6 points. The reigning champion Mona Goldsmith was top with 31 points while Margaret Branton just edged out Shirley Tilbrook by a couple of shots thanks to victory in a final group game between the two of them.

Quarter Finals
Jane Evans
accumulated a 6-0 lead over the first 3 ends which was just enough to see off a late charge from Barbara Barker as Jane hung on to win 7-5.

Clare Nessling also ran out to a 6-0 lead and again it was enough to hang on to beat Jusy Easy 6-3.

Mona Goldsmith went even better and was 8-0 up before Margaret Branton got on the board. There weren't quite enough ends for Margaret to get back as she lost 8-6.

It was all square between Kay Masters and Val Game after 3 ends, but winning the next 2 gave Val a bit of an edge which she hung on to, to win 7-4.

Jane Evans
got the upper hand early on against Clare Nessling and won 6 of the 7 ends to take an 8-2 victory.

Mona Goldsmith was ahead after 1 end, but that was as far as it went against Val Game. Val picked up a full house on the second end and had an almost unassailable 9-1 lead with 2 to go, finally winning 9-3.

Jane Evans
(Darsham) v Val Game (Knodishall)
There was never much in it as the two former champions went head to head, but one player definitely had the edge. Val took one on the first only for Jane to level it. A 2 to Val on the third was the highest scoring end, it was only ones after that, but it was a one to Val, and then another one and then another one. It wasn't much but it was enough. Going into the last end she was 6-1 up and with only 4 woods to play the title was her's. Jane took that last end, but it was immaterial by then. The final score was 6-2 to Val.

This was the second Singles title for Val on her 4th appearance in a Final.

HERITAGE MEN'S SINGLES » 12th February 2017

There were 32 entries for this year's Men's Singles. They played in 4 groups of 5 and 2 groups of 6 with everyone playing 4 games and the group winners and runners-up as well as the best 4 third placed players going through to the Knockout Stages.

Group 1
Mike Daniels
and Billy Thurston both won 3 times to finish on 6 points and go through in first and second places respectively. Trevor Lewis with 2 wins and a draw was one of the best third places.

Group 2
Chris Tilbrook
won all 4 of his games to finish top while Peter Masters lost just once and went through as the runner-up.

Group 3
John Whiting
was another one to go through without dropping a point while Dave Cask also progressed, with 3 wins and one loss.

Group 4
Cedric Bennett
finished top of the group have notched up 3 wins. Ken Drane's two wins and a draw was good enough for second and Dave Nash, despite only winning twice, made it though courtesy of a good shot count.

Group 5
Paul Daniels
won all of his games to top the group. Behind him 3 played finished on 4 points. Michael Easy's 34 shots gave him second while Michael Shipp's 27 shots were enough to see him through to the knockout rounds.

Group 6
David Hurr
finsihed comfortably top of the group have racked up 4 wins. Graham Knights lost just once to secure second place while Gordon Bloomfield's 5 points was more than enough to see him through.

Round 1
In a game where only one end saw a shout count of more than 1, Gordon Bloomfield just kept his nose in front to beat Michael Easy 5-3.

Peter Masters led Mike Daniels from start to finish and was able to drop 3 on the last end and still win the game 7-5.

Just as Dave Nash looked like making a comeback David Hurr pulled away on the last 3 ends to win 10-4.

Graham Knights edged into a 3-2 lead over Michael Shipp on the 3rd end, but that was the last time he scored as Michael 11 in the last 3 ends to win 13-3.

Billy Thurston and Trevor Lewis shared a game where the advantage swung back and forth. Trevor led into the last end but Billy picked up 2 to win 7-6.

Last year's champion John Whiting was nicely ahead 7-3 with 3 ends to go but Cedric Bennett came back from the dead with a couple of threes and won the game 10-7.

Chris Tilbrook led from the start against Dave Cask, but while they each won their fair share of ends, Dave was picking up ones while Chris was getting multiple shots. Chris came home to a comfortable 12-4 win.

After winning the first end Paul Daniels immediately dropped a 4 to Ken Drane. However he won the next 2 ends to regain the lead only for Ken to do the same and lead by one going into the last. However with Ken all bowled out Paul just held one and found the draw with his last to knick the game 8-7.

Quarter Finals
With the game at 3-3 after 3 ends Michael Shipp secured a full house against David Hurr from which David never recovered. Michael won the game 8-6.

Cedric Bennett never got a look in as Billy Thurston steamrollered his was to a comfortable 12-2 win.

Gordon Bloomfield was out to a 6-0 lead over Peter Masters after 3 ends. Peter clawed his was back to within a shot over the next 2 ends, only for Gordon to edge away again as he took a 9-5 win.

From 3-0 down Chris Tilbrook drew level with Paul Daniels, however a full house on end 5 for Paul meant that he was in a position to play a defensive last 2 ends and hold on for a 7-5 win.

Taking all 4 shots on end 3 gave Michael Shipp the lead over Gordon Bloomfield, but Goron did exacly the same on the penultimate end to recover the lead and finally take the win 9-5.

It was nip and tuck between Billy Thurston and Paul Daniels and all square at 2-2 after 4 ends, but the 5th end was crucial as Paul took a 3 and going into the last end he was 4 ahead. Billy won that end but the game went to Paul 6-4.

Gordon Bloomfield
(Knodishall) v Paul Daniels (Kelsale)
Unfortunately for Gordon he wasn't quite as quick to pick up the carpet as Paul, as a result Paul scored a 3 on the first and follwed that up with 3 more on the second. It was a defecit from which Gordon was never able to recover. However once he did get his eye in he was more than a match for Paul, outscoring him on the next 4 ends to get back to within 3 shots, but Paul held on, taking the last end and finishing 8-4 ahead.

It was the 9th time Paul had picked up the Singles title.

HERITAGE PAIRS » 29th January 2017

Thirty six teams entered this year's Pairs competition. The teams played in 7 groups, with the top 2 from each group and the 2 best third placed teams going into the Knockout Stages.

Group 1
Both Knodishall H and Kelsale B won their first three games to guarantee qualification. In the showdown between the two the game went to Kelsale who therefore topped the group.

Group 2
Knodishall B
were already out in front after 2 games, having won both and with everyone else having lost at least once. And despite losing their next went into their last knowing that they were already through. They finished with a draw against Wissett A which saw the two of them through.

Group 3
Knodishall K
won their opening three games and qualified. But Yoxford, who won three and drew one topped the group. Meanwhile Riverside A finished on 5 points to make it through as one of the best thirds.

Group 4
Knodishall A
and Wissett B both won three and lost one to finish on 6 points and qualify.

Group 5
Middleton B
won their first three games to ensure that they would qualify and then lost their last to Kelsale C which put them through as well.

Group 6
Knodishall C
won all four of their games to sail through the group, while three wins for Middelton A was enough for them to finish as runners-up.

Group 7
Only Knodishall I were undefeated having played 3 games which saw them through, behind them it was a tussle for second between Knodishall J and Leiston FC C. It was Knodishall J that finished second but by a single shot Leiston St Marg FC C scrapped into third and just make it through to the Knockout Rounds.

Round 1
won the first end against Knodishall H, but that was it as Knodishall finished 11-1 winners.

Wissett B were 6-2 ahead of teammates Wissett A after 3 ends, but it was one-way traffic after that as A won 12-6.

It took 6 ends for Knodishall C to draw level with Riverside A, but Riverside snatched one on the last to win 5-4.

Knodishall B raced out to a 10-0 lead over Leiston St Marg FC C and came home 11-5 winners.

An all Knodishall affair saw A edge their way ahead for a 7-3 win over J.

Kelsale B made all the running against Middleton A to win 18-1.

Knodishall I came from behind against Middleton B to hold on for a 7-6 win.

Knodishall K led from the start to beat Kelsale C 8-5.

Quarter Finals
Knodishall I
had a run of 10 shots in 4 ends to gain a comfortable lead over Knodishall K and win 10-4.

In the space of 2 ends Riverside A came from 7-1 down to 8-7 up against Knodshall B only to drop 2 on the last and lose 9-8.

Wissett A led Knodishall H from the first end and did enough to hold on for a 7-4 win.

Kelsale B ground out a 3-1 lead over Knodishall A but 2 ends later Knodishall were ahead and Kelsale couldn't move the jack on the last end as Knodishall won 7-3.

The lead in the game between Knodishalls A & I swung back and forth but going into the last end A held a 2 shot lead, however I overcame that defecit at the last possible moment, taking 3 shots to win 7-6.

Despite winning the first end Wissett A quickly fell behind Knodishall B by dropping 4 shots on the next. After that Knodishall didn't look back and finished 13-3 winners with an end to spare.

Knodishall I (Chris & Shirley Tilbrook)
v Knodishall B (Jane Robinson & Josephine Smith)
End 1
– Jane finds the weight immediately but from 2 down Chris goes to 2 up with his last 2. woods.
End 2 – Shirley is closer this time. Although Jane frees the jack Chris nails it and it's another 2. 'I' lead 4-0.
End 3 – Shirley now has the measure of the carpet, her first wood hangs on to win. 5-0.
End 4 – 'B' desperately need to get on the scoreboard but despite holding for most of the end they help the opposition in and Chris helps himself to another 1. 6-0.
End 5 – Shirley drops in just behind with her first and it's looking like it's all over. However the jack starts to move around, shot wood goes from black to brown to black and in the end Chris has the confidence with his position to be positive and it's another 2. 8-0.
End 6 – The game is pretty much over now. 'B' hold early on, again the jack gets moved and trying to get on the board they give it away. 9-0 and the game is over with an end to spare.

After coming very close last year Chris & Shirley took a well deserved victory. It's a second Pairs win for Chris and a first for Shirley.

HERITAGE CHARITY FOURS » 30th October 2016

The 19th running of the Charity Fours saw 35 teams from across Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk to help us to raise money in aid of East Anglia Air Ambulance.

The teams were placed in 7 groups of 5 teams, with the winners and runners-up from each group qualifying for the knockout stages along with the 2 best third placed teams.

Group 1
came out on top of the group with 6 points, while both Yoxford A and Bealings B, each with 5 points, also made it through.

Group 2
won all of their games to top the group with Reepham Robins comfortably in second place having just lost once.

Group 3
D Jays
were another team to win all their group games, while second place went to Copdock & Washbrook on 6 points. Third placed Roydon, although they won twice and lost twice, still managed to get through courtesy of their shots.

Group 4
Kelsale A
finished at the top of the group with four wins out of four, with Knodishall A second on three wins and 6 points.

Group 5
won the group, winning all 4 times, although 2 of the wins were by just a single shot. Knodishall D, with 2 wins and a draw, were runners-up.

Group 6
The closest group on the day saw a win for Belstead and second place going to Middleton A, both teams finished on 5 points with Harkstead and Occold A each missing out by just one point.

Group 7
topped the group on maximum points with Bealings A finishing 2 pointe behind them.

First Round
Reepham Robins
went into the last end 3 shots behind D Jays but picked up 4 to win 6-5.

Claydon picked up 5 on the second end against Middelton A and finished comfortable 12-3 winners.

It was 5-5 with an end to play between Yoxford A and Stanningfield but the latter team picked up 4 on that final end to win 9-5.

An very high scoring affair between Kelsale A and Bealings B saw Kelsale pick up 5 on the first end and finally winning 16-5.

Knodishall D started slowly against Bealings A but had their noses in front after 5 ends, but Bealings took the last 2 ends to win 7-4.

An extremely tight game between Knodishall A and Barrow saw just one shot an end scored, but Knodishall just had the edge, winning 4-3.

Belstead took 4 shots off Roydon on the first end and never looked back, winning 12-3.

Winning ends 2, 3 & 4 was sufficient to see Madjac take a 7-3 over Copdock & Washbrook.

Quarter Finals
were off to a great start against Kelsale A and were 5-0 up after 2 ends, but Kelsale were ahead just 2 ends later before it was all square again. As the clock ran down Kelsale just had their noses in front to win 8-7.

In a group game rematch Claydon were never behind against Reepham Robins, coming home to a 7-4 win to beat them for the second time.

Madjac were off to a quick start against Belstead. They were 6-1 up after 3 ends and finished 8-4 winners.

A pair of threes on the 2nd and 3rd ends gave Bealings A a 6-2 lead over Knodishall A, holding on to win 8-6.

Bealings A
got a good start with 3 on the first end against Kelsale A. But a 4 for Kelsale on the 4th got them ahead and they came home to an 8-5 win.

Winning 5 of the first 6 ends against Claydon meant that Madjac had their opposition in an almost impossible situation. Claydon needed 7 on the last to take it to an extra end but they could only manage 3 as they lost 9-5.

Two shots on the first end gave Madjac the lead. Kelsale took one back on the second, but that was as close as they got. Madjac took one each on the next 3 ends, just leaving Kelsale the faintest glimmer of hope, but they dealt a fatal blow on the 6th with the jack surrounded by 5 of their woods. And with the score at 10-1 the game was conceded by Kelsale with an end still to go.

Many thanks to everyone who took part, particularly those who had to set out in the early morning fog, helping us to raise £770. We hope you will be able to join us again next year.

You can find details of the money raised over the years here.

You can find a list of all the previous winners here.