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Suffolk Singles

There were only 29 entries for this year’s Singles, but that was whittled down to only 25 by the time game day came around. That meant 5 groups, with the winners, runners-up and one lucky 3rd placed player going through to the knockout stages.

Group 1
Paul Leach
came out on top, with 3 wins and a draw, Neil Jolly, after a rough start, came through to win his last 2 games, and snatch second place with 5 points, 6 shots ahead of Mick Watkins, who ended up doing enough to pick up that best third place.

Group 2
Paul Daniels
started out with a win, but struggled after that, but managed to snatch a couple more wins to top the group, just ahead of Tom Runnacles, who began with a loss, but finished with 3 wins.

Group 3
Andy Pooley
went undefeated, dropping just one point, against Adam Hubbard, who sealed his qualification in his final game, going through on 5 points.

Group 4
With all the games played there were just 2 shots separating first and second, Frank Wilkins finished on 6 points and 27 shots, Sally Goodrich won her final game against Frank, to secure second place.

Group 5
Another close run group, with the top two finishing only 4 shots apart. Pete Runnacles had beaten Clint Watling, but not by quite enough to take the top spot, they both finished on 6 points.

Round 1
The group runners-up and the best third played off to join the group winners in the Quarter Finals.

Tom Runnacles v Mick Watkins
Mick started with a full house, but 2 ends later Tom did the same and went 6-4 up. The next couple of ends saw Mick retake the lead, and go into the last end 1 up, which Tom couldn’t get back. Mick won 9-7.

Neil Jolly v Pete Runnacles
Neil picked up 2 on the first end, and although Pete pulled one back on the next, that was as near as Pete came to troubling Neil who went out to a 6-1 lead after 5 ends. Pete pulled one back on the sixth, but the unlikely possibility of getting all 4 on the last to force an extra end, was dashed by the whistle, calling time on the game.

Adam Hubbard v Sally Goodrich
Adam was off to a quick start, with 2 each on the first 2 ends, and by end 4, he led 7-1. It was then that Sally started her comeback, going into the last end only 2 down, but she could only pick up one more, as Adam won 7-6.

Quarter Finals
Paul Leach v Mick Watkins
Paul had the better start, but Mick was quickly level, with the game at 3-3 after 4 ends, after that though, it was Mick's game, picking up a single shot on each of the remaining ends to win 6-3.

Paul Daniels v Adam Hubbard
Paul was off to a quick start, and led 4-1 after 3 ends, but Adam evened up the game with 3 on the next end. After that it was nip and tuck, and level going into the last, which Paul took to take the game 6-5

Andy Pooley v Neil Jolly
Another game that was all square after 4 ends, at 3-3, but after that it was all Andy's. Neil went into the last end 6-3 down, but it he bowled his last with only a faint hope that the shot would come off. It didn't and Andy went through with an 8-3 victory.

Frank Wilkin v Clint Watling
Three to Clint on the first and 4 to Frank on the second meant this was destined to be the high scoring match of the round. Frank led 5-3 after 4 ends, but Clint came back strongly to finish the game off at 10-5 with and end still to spare.

Andy Pooley v Clint Watling

Clint was off to the better start, and was 3-0 up after 2 ends, but Andy came back over the next 3 to even the game up at 3-3 with 2 ends to go. But it was the 6th end that saw Clint break the back of the game, picking up 3 and making Andy's task if not impossible, then improbable. He was able to win the last end, but only with a single shot, Clint winning 6-4.

Mick Watkins v Paul Daniels
At the end of the first 3 ends it was all square at 2-2, but Mick pulled ahead with one on the 4th and another one on the 5th to lead 4-2. Paul managed to pull one back on the 6th, and on the last end picked up one more to level the game. An extra end was needed, which went Paul's way to see him through 5-4.

Clint Watling v Paul Daniels
End 1
- Paul plays the jack to the end of the mat with his 2nd bowl to hold. Clint draws his final bowl in for one.
End 2 - A scrappy start with nothing close. Clint moves the jack with his final wood, and it's close enough for a measure. Paul moves Clint's bowl closer, 2-0 to Clint.
End 3 - A Wayward start again from both bowlers, but Paul draws shot with his 3rd wood. Clint is close with his last, Paul declines to bowl his final wood, and Paul gets it on a measure to now trail 2-1.
End 4 - A better start from Clint, who holds 2. Paul cuts it down to one, then gets a lucky move of the jack to hold one. Clint has a shot with his final wood to take 4, but while he's close, Paul's wood hangs in there, and the game is all square at 2-2.
End 5 - Clint is holding early on again. Paul draws his 3rd in for shot. Clint is very close with his last wood, but at the very end it swings away, leaving Paul with 1, and putting him into a 3-2 lead.
End 6 - Paul moves the jack with his second wood to hold 2. Clint gets it back to hold 2 himself. Paul moves the jack further back to hold 2. Clint's last wood is played with weight, but somehow one of Paul's stays in and he leads 4-2.
End 7 - Paul draws close with his first 2 bowls. Clint moves the jack back to hold one. Now Paul moves it to hold one, and adds second with his last. Again Clint is left with no option but to play with weight, but with no outcome, Paul still holds one, and takes the match 5-2.
Reporting © Neil Jolly 2022

Paul now joins the list of players who have won the Grand Slam of all four Suffolk titles, who are:
Steven Cain
Paul Daniels
Neil Jolly
Andy Pooley
Sam Runnacles
Tom Runnacles
Mick Watkins

You can find all the results here.

Suffolk Fours

There were 20 teams entered for the event, although one was forced to drop out late in the day. The top 2 teams from each group would qualify for the knockout rounds.

Group 1 - Hintlesham & Chattisham A won all their games to finish top, while the runner-up spot went to Stanningfield A who won 3 and lost 1.

Group 2 - Cockfield B won all their games comfortably, while Claydon A took second spot with just one loss.

Group 3 - This turned out to be the closest run group. Barking lost their first game of the day, but went on to win the rest, which was good enough for the top sport. Knodishall B had two wins, a draw and a loss, but they still finished a point clear of two ohter teame.

Group 4 - Belstead/Brockley won all their games to finish comfortably ahead of second placed Chelmondiston B who made it narrowly through on one win, 2 draws, and a loss.

Knockout Rounds
Quarter Finals
Barking had much the best of the middle part of the game against Claydon A, to win 9-3.

After a good start by Knodishall B, Hintlesham & Chattisham A got back to all square on the 4th end. And going into the last it was level again, with Knodishall doing enough on the last end to edge a 6-5 win.

Chelmondiston A were 6-0 up over Cockfield B, with 2 ends to go. Cockfield won those remaining ends, but Chelmondiston still finished 6-3 up.

After dropping 2 on the first end, Belstead/Brockley replied with a 6 against Stanningfield A, and never looked back, winning 16-4

Chelmondiston were off to a good start against Belstead/Brockley, picking up 3 on the first end, followed by one more on the second. After that Belstead/Brockley edged their way back in , draing level at 5 ends, taking one on the next, and again on the final end, to win 6-4.

And it was Barking who made the best start against Knodishall, leading 3-0 after two ends. Knodishall then came back, pulling level after 5 ends, only for Barking to get one each on the last 2, to win 5-3.

Final - Belstead/Brockley (Neil & Keith Jolly, Paul Daniels and Oscar Mew) v Barking (Tom & Sam Runnacles and Andy & Sue Gilder)

Although Belstead/Brockley picked up 1 on the first end, it was Barking who won the next 3, albeit only with a single shot on each, leading 3-1 after 4 ends.

The fifth end was vital for Belstead/Brockley, not only stopping the rot, but taking them into a narrow lead, as Neil brought his final wood in, thanks to the slightest of edges, for a third. 4-3 to Belstead/Brockley.

That lead was not to last for long, as Barking leveled the game on the 6th end, with everything to be decided on the final end.

Early on it was Barking who held the advantage, but Belstead/Brockley were just holding one as the skips came to bowl. Tom's last wood shifted Barking's best the tinniest bit closer, Neil declined to bowl his last, a measure was called for, and it just came out in favour of Belstead/Brockley, to conclude an epic hour long battle with a 5-4 win for the reigning champions (albeit last having won in 2018/19).

You can find all the results here.

Suffolk Pairs

For the first Suffolk Championship event in 2 years, we had a 47 team entry, nearly matching the previous pre-pandemic running, which was very encouraging.

The original plan was to play the event down to the final, but unfortunately that turned out not to be possible, due to a medical incident about which you can read more here, so the group games were completed, to decide the 16 qualifiers, who will come back to play the knockout rounds at a later date.

Group 1 with three teams ending up with 3 wins, this turned out to be the closest run group. The narrow winners were Chelmondiston B who finished on 6 points and 29 shots, runners-up were Tostock on 6 points, 27 shots for and 14 against, with Cockfield D just missing out with 6 points, 27 shots for and 17 against.

Group 2 Kelsale won all their games to finish top of the group, with Claydon C winning 3, and losing 1, to finish clear runners-up.

Group 3 this group could have gone a number of different ways as two teams finished on 6 points, and three more on 4 points. The eventual winners were Claydon D who finished 4 shots ahead of Cockfield B.

Group 4 Claydon A ran away with the group, taking maxium points, and dropping just 4 shots throughout the day. Hundon A came home second on 6 points.

Group 5 Knodishall B finished comfortably top of the group with 4 wins out of 4, while second place went to Hintlesham A on 6 points.

Group 6 With one game still left to play, Barking B and Claydon B had already qualified, with the two teams playing one another in the final game to decide the final positions. And it was Claydon who came back to win the game on the last end to secure first place.

Group 7 Brockley took the group win, dropping just one point, while the fight for second place saw Elmsett/Offton & Willisham fall to a surprise loss in their final game, allowing Barking B to overcome the 2 point, and 10 shot deficit they had heading into the last game, and snatch second place on 5 points.

Group 8 Chelmondiston C won all 4 games and amassed what was easily the largest shot tally of the day, 56, to win the group convincingly. Knodishall A did what they needed to do, with a third win in their final game, to secure second.

Barking A
- Shirley & Mick Watkins
Barking B - Tom & Sam Runnacles
Brockley - Neil & Keith Jolly
Chelmondiston B - John & Barbara Nunn
Chelmondiston C - Adam & Karen Hubbard
Claydon A - Andy Pooley & Clint Watling
Claydon B - Sally & Jim Goodrich
Claydon C - Sue & Steve Isles
Claydon D - Ally Hobbs & Emma Watling
Cockfield B - Colin Fellingham & Sue Davey
Hintlesham A - Frank Wilkin & Lauren de Banks
Hundon A - Ellen Grube & Kevin Salmon
Kelsale - Paul Daniels & Oscar Mew
Knodishall A - Val Game & Ken Drane
Knodishall B - Doug Adamson & John Whiting
Tostock - Brian Pryke & William Rogers

Final Night
The knockout rounds were be played on Wednesday, 23rd March at Needham Market.

There were surprise exits for a couple of the pre-event favourites in the First Round, including the reigning champions, with the final coming down to Knodishall (John Whiting & Doug Adamson) and Claydon (Ally Hobbs & Emma Watling).

End 1
– The leads struggle to find the green, but the skips find it, Ally best of all, but John forces the jack back and takes one for Knodishall.
End 2 – A good start from Emma, which Ally consolidates, sees Claydon grab 4 to lead 4-1.
End 3 – Doug finds the jack this time, while first Emma and then Ally struggles, 2 to Knodishall. Claydon lead 4-3.
End 4 – It’s not until her third wood that Emma finds the jack, and it’s the same for Ally, 2 to Claydon who now lead 6-3.
End 5 – At 2 down, Ally finds the jack, but only to cut it down to one to the opposition. 6-4 to Claydon.
End 6 – A much better start from both leads, sees Claydon one up, John pushes that shot away, All returns the favour, John nearly gets it back, but it’s one to Claydon, 7-4.
End 7 – With the final wood to bowl, Claydon hold 2, but there’s still a chance for John to touch the jack back a few inches, but not wanting to be short he gives it a bit too much, and it finishes 9-4 to Claydon, giving Ally her second title of the year.... so far.

You can find all the results here.

Suffolk Triples

The initial entry of 26 came down to 22 in the end, as a result of illness, which is only to be expected.

With five groups, the winners would automatically qualify for the Quarter Finals, with the runners-up and best 3rd placed team playing off to join them.

Group 1
Barking B
, who have held the trophy since 2016, stumbled a little at the start, but came through to win the group with 3 wins and 33 shots, 2 shots better than runners-up Barrow A.

Group 2
It could hardly have been closer here, with Barking A and Cockfield B both finishing on 6 points and 29 shots for. What separated the two teams was shots against, Barking had conceded 21, to Cockfield’s 22.

Group 3
were the only team on the day not to lose a game, winning the group with 8 points, while Claydon C came home in a clear second, on 6 points.

Group 4
Three teams ended up on 6 points, Belstead were first on 43 shots, Hundon C second on 21 shots, and Elmsett B third on 26 shots, which was enough for Elmsett to also qualify as the best 3rd placed team.

Group 5
Claydon B
lost once, as did Hundon A, Claydon’s 28 shots earned them first place, 6 ahead of Hundon.

Knockout Rounds
Round 1
took an early lead over Barrow, and came home to a comfortable 8-4 win. Claydon C went into the last end 3-4 down to Hundon C, but picked up 2 to snatch the win. And Elmsett B came back from 1-5 down to beat Hundon A 6-5 in the last end.

Quarter Finals
Claydon B
got off to a strong start, and were 4-0 up over Belstead after just 2 ends. They were never in trouble after that, finishing 7-2 winners.
Barking B started well against Elmsett B, and ran away with the game, which was called to an end at 19-1, with an end left to play.
The fourth end between Barking A and Claydon C was what settled their game, 5 shots went to Claydon, who eventually won 9-3.
The only close game was between Martlesham and Cockfield B, which had to go to an extra end at 5-5. Cockfield picked up the one shot necessary to go through.

What might have been a close game between Barking B and Claydon C, was decided on the third end, which went Barking’s way to the tune of 5 shots. Claydon were never going to get a look in after that, the game finishing 9-1 to Barking.

For the first 5 ends Cockfield and Claydon B were separated by just the odd shot, each end, but it was Claydon who were winning most of them, allowing them to edge away to a 4-1 lead after 5 ends, they never let the pressure off and went on to win 8-1.

Barking (Tom & Sam Runnacles and Clint Watling) v Claydon (Andy Pooley, Sally Goodrich and Ally Hobbs)

End 1 – Although laying open to being drawn or moved, Barking could do nothing to prevent Claydon picking up 2 on the first.
End 2 – This time Barking did manage to move the jack, with Tom making the best of his woods to draw the game level at 2-2.
End 3 – Barking make much the better start this time. Andy opts to try and move the jack rather than play for second, and ends up losing 2. Barking lead 4-2.
End 4 – The skips do nothing with their woods, leaving the head as it was, one more to Barking to edge further ahead, 5-2.
End 5 – Andy picks up shot with his first wood, and is gifted a second by Tom. Barking’s lead is back to just one shot, 5-4.
End 6 – Claydon’s best start for a while, however the advantage swings to Barking, before Pooley pulls out a cracker to draw the jack which has been driven long. All square at 5-5.
End 7 – Ally plays two belters to give Claydon two woods right in behind the jack, but Andy moves the jack loose. Tom is high with his first, Andy removes the run back with his last wood, Tom tries it anyway and can only push the jack back into Claydon’s receiving woods, and give them 4, and the win 9-5.

Congratulations to Claydon who are the first team to get the better of Barking in 6 years, and commiserations to Barking, who looked like their usual formidable selves right up until the second half of the final.

You can find all the day's results here.