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We had a maximum entry of 40 teams for this year’s event, and some very closely contested groups which were decided by the tiniest of margins.

The teams were divided into 8 groups of 5, with the top 2 from each group qualifying for the knockout stages.

Group 1 remarkably ended up with three teams, who all won three games, separated by only one shot against. The Also Rans, despite winning three games were the ones who had to miss out, they had 29 shots for, and 20 against. The other two teams, AllforOne, and ISIS, also scored 29 shots, but each conceded 19 shots, making them the two qualifiers, who were winners, and who were runners-up was decided on the result of the game between the two of them, which had been won by ISIS.

Group 2 saw Haverhill Utd win all four of their games, to top the group, while K.E.N DOO lost once, to finish on 6 points, and take the runner-up spot.

Group 3 was not quite as close as Group 1, but it was very tight between the top two. Sewards End B finished on 6 points and 31 shots, but they were just pipped for the top spot by Growing Old Disgracefully, who scored one shot more.

Group 4 was won comfortably by Belstead’s Witty Team Name, who won all their games, while next best were two teams who finished on 4 points, the best of which were Martlesham Belles, who were comfortably ahead of Elmsett A on shots.

Group 5 saw Claydon/Barking win all their games, while Hunters B, who won three and lost one, finished in a clear second place.

Group 6 was won by Good Hobby, who won all fours games, but behind them were three teams who all won two and lost two. Of them it was Nunns on the Run, who had the easily superior shots, who secured the runner-up spot.

Group 7 was another group were three teams all ended up on 6 points, Hunters A, with 43 shots, won the group, Hunter Gathers with 38 shots were second, and missing out were Sewards End A who could only muster 29 shots.

Group 8 saw the top two only separated on shots, Hit & Hope, and Trevor’s Trio both won 3 of their games, and lost 1. Hit & Hope finished on 40 shots, 5 better than Trevor’s Trio.

Knockout Rounds
Round 1
Haverhill Utd
secured their win over Sewards End B thanks to a 4 picked up on end 3, finishing 7-4 up.

Growing Old Disgracefully turned their game around with a 4 on the 4th end, eventually beaiing Martlesham Belles 9-5.

It was nip and tuck between Belstead’s Witty Team Name and Hunters B, with never more than a shot between them, but Hunters B it was who snatched one on the final end to win 5-4.

Claydon/Barking were another team whose victory rested on picking up a 4 in the middle of the game. They beat Nunns on the Run 7-5.

Hunter Gatherers were yet another team to win their game thanks to a 4, this time picked up on the second end, against Good Hobby. They hung on to win 7-5.

Having raced out to a 6-0 lead over Hunter’s A, Trevor’s Trio then proceeded to give up their lead, finishing the regulation 7 ends tied at 8-8, but the Trio then rallied to win the extra end.

Although AllforOne had their noses just in front of Hit & Hope in the early part of the game, Hit & Hope picked up the last 4 ends to win 9-3.

K.E.N DOO were nicely ahead against ISIS, 5-1 after 4 ends, but they proceeded to fritter their lead away, losing 6-5 on the last end.

Quarter Finals
There was never much between Haverhill Utd and Hunters B, and indeed, it was all square at full time, 5-5. An extra end was required, and it was Haverhill who held out to win 7-5.

Not a high-scorer between Growing Old Disgracefully and Claydon/Barking, but G.O.D only won 2 ends, and ended up losing 2-6.

ISIS got their noses in front of Trevor’s Trio on the 2nd end, and kept there, winning 8-3.

Hunter Gatherers lost their lead on end 4, and fell to an 8-5 loss to Hit & Hope.

led Hit & Hope 4-2 going into the 4th end, but after that, it was all Hit & Hope, as they picked up 9 shots over the last 4 ends, to win 11-4.

Haverhill Utd against Claydon/Barking was close, until the last end, the lead went this way and that, and there was just a shot in it going into the final end, which Haverhill took with 4 shots, winning 9-4.

Hit & Hope
(Tom, Pete & Rita Runnacles) v Haverhill Utd (Neil Jolly, Stuart McNeil & Lisa Edmead)

End 1 - Early advantage to Haverhill, which Tom snatches away, to hold one, and taking a second with his last wood. Hit & Hope lead 2-0.
End 2 - Hit & Hope are holding right from the start, and although Neil manages to move things around, the jack ends up next to an opposition wood. 3-0 to Hit & Hope.
End 3 - Haverhill holding early on this time, and the opposition, although they have the back position, can’t quite move the jack. Holding 2, Neil attempts a long blocker, and draws a third, Tom can’t change the head, 3 to Haverhill, and it’s all square, 3-3.
End 4 - Holding one, Pete sits a second on the front of the jack, Neil can’t change that, but Tom rolls an opposition wood in for second, and that’s the way it stays. 4-3 to Hit & Hope.
End 5 - Lisa is on the jack with her second, and by the time Tom comes to bowl his last, he’s 3 down, but a perfect draw saves him. The only shot Neil can see is a 3-ball plant to send his wood onto the shot wood, and he does it! 4-4. Watch the last two woods.
End 6 - A bit of a loose end. As the skips come to bowl, Haverhill hold one. Tom is on course, but finishes just shy of where he needs to be. Neil flicks one of his woods across to take a second, Tom misses, 6-4 to Haverhill, who have hit the front for the first time.
End 7 - Two down, Rita picks up the jack to hold. Pete makes it 2, and then 3, but brings the short opposition woods back into play, which Neil takes advantage of to take shot, which Tom then removes to back to 3 up, Neil needs a draw, but he falls short, and Hit & Miss take the win, 7-6.

You can find the full day's results here.

Hit & Hope

Haverhill Utd

Many thanks to everyone who joined us, and generously contributed draw prizes, and especially to those who stayed for the final, we're sure everyone agrees it was well worth it.

» 2022 FAB FOURS

There were 23 teams to see in the return of the Fab Fours, divided into 4 groups with the winners and runners-up qualifying from each.

Group 1
There was a fair mix of results which saw Motley Crew winning 3 and losing one game, to top the group, while 3 teams ended up in 4 points, best of those was Rayne, thanks to 2 massive wins which left them comfortably in second place on shots.

Group 2
Three teams finished on 6 points, with Oh My Quad topping the group with 39 shots, 9 ahead of 3 Generations, while Pick n Mix fell 3 shots short of qualification

Group 3
Shy Tappens
won all their games (three by the same score of 9-2), and were comfortably through, while Growing Old Disgracefully (G.O.D) lost just the one game to finish second.

Group 4
Reigning champions, The Repair Men were untouchable in their group, winning all four games, while Broadlanders’ 3 wins were good enough for the runner-up spot.

Knockout Rounds
Quarter Finals
took a grip on their game against Oh My Quad, with 4 on the third end, and were able to drop 3 on the last end and still take a comfortable 9-6 win.

The Repair Men had run out to a 6-0 lead after 3 ends over 3 Generations, and were never in danger, winning the game 9-4.

Having fallen behind 4-0 after 3 ends, Motley Crew squared the game, and then went into a 6-4 lead over G.O.D, but that momentum soon stalled, G.O.D got one back, and then on the last end took 2 to snatch a 7-6 win.

After a slow start against Shy Tappens, Rayne took a 4 to lead 5-3 after 4 ends, but the Shy team were square on the next end, 7-6 up after 6, and held on to win 7-6.

The Repair Men
led Shy Tappens from the start, and with 2 ends to go were 6-3 up. Shy Tappens were chipping away at the end, but ran out of ends, and The Repair Men made it to the final once again, with a 6-5 win.

Broadlanders were off to a flyer with 3 on the first end against G.O.D, but it was all square on the next, and 3 ends in G.O.D took the lead. But Broadlanders hauled them back in and after 7 ends it was all square. An extra end would be required, and it went to G.O.D, the game finishing 7-6 in their favour.

G.O.D were first out of the block, in fact they won the first 3 ends to take a 4-0 lead on a tricky carpet. And they never looked back, The Repair Men had the gap back to just 3, but the 6th end pretty much finished them offas G.O.D took 3, and then another one on the last to ease their way to an 8-2 victory.

We would like to thank everyone who entered, and who were generous enough to provide us with so many draw prizes. We were particularly pleased that Marion Brown could be there to present the prizes, and we hope everyone had a very enjoyable day's bowling.

You can find the full day's results here.

Growing Old Disgracefully

The Repair Men

After a very long wait, the Random Triples event which was due to have been run two years ago was finally played.

Understandably though, there was a much reduced field of entries, with people dropping out right up to the morning of the event, due to Covid. However, we still had 54 players, including some who had travelled from Essex and Norfolk, for whom this would be their first tournament in quite some time.

Round 1
Leading the way after the first game were the trio of Les Webber, Sam Runnacles, and Sheila Fellingham, who scored 10 shots in their game. Six others, Pauline Godfrey, Gilbert Lakey, Don Allum, Eric Sainsbury, Pete Runnacles, and Maxine Poulter, were one shot behind.

Round 2
Twelve players won for a second time, with Pete Runnacles now leading the way on 22 shots, one ahead of Don Allum and Mick Watkins, while Adam Hubbard, Trevor Kidd and Tom Runnacles were a further 3 shots back.

Round 3
Eight players made it 3 wins out of 3, with Tom Runnacles now on top with 34 shots. On 30 shots were Pete Runnacles, Adam Hubbard and Mick Watkins. Ken Southwood had 35 shots, Linda Sadgrove was on 23, Trevor Bean 21, and Carol Sainsbury 18.

Round 4
Just 5 players now left with perfect records. Pete Runnacles was now back at the top, with 43 points, Ken Southwood was on 38, Mick Watkins 37, Linda Sadgrove 30, and Carol Sainsbury 26. Meanwhile, still with an outside chance were Tom Runnacles and Trevor Bean, who had won 3 and drawn 1 game.

Round 5
As it happens, the draw for the final round of games paired the top two runners, Pete and Ken, and between them they duly made it 5 out of 5, as did Linda and Carol, the four of them the only ones not to drop a point on the day, with the final standings as follows:

1st Pete Runnacles (10 points, 48 shots for, 21 shots against)
2nd Ken Southwood (10/43/22)
3rd Linda Sadgrove (10/35/17)
4th Carol Sainsbury (10/35/20)

We would like to thank everyone who was able to attend for their support, and for their donations to the draw, and look forward to mext year and a return to a full field.

You can find the full day's results here.