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This year saw a return to a completely full house of 96 entries, despite a few last minute withdrawals.

As usual everyone would get 5 games both with and against different people each time.

Round 1
There were two big winners in the first set of games, the trios of Nick Wood, Sue Isles & Rita Runnacles and Doris Frost, Clint Watling & Jim Goodrich, with both teams picking up a healthy 14 shots in their first games.

Round 2
Twenty competitors made it 2 wins out of 2. Leading the way, all tied on 21 shots were Ellen Grube, Susan Hurley and Nick Wood. And only one shot behind were Doris Frost & Steve Ball.

Round 3
The players still on maximum points were whittled down to just 12, with the top 10 separated by just one shot from one another.

So leading the way on 29 shots was Susan Hurley, followed by Nick Wood on 28, Ellen Grube 27, Doris Frost 26, Marion Bean 25, Rob Cook 24, Peter Fellingham 23, Sue Gilder 22, Brian Pryke 21 and Ken Southwood 20. The other 2 on 6 points were Andy Pooley and Pam Crawford (18 shots).

Round 4
With one round left to play there were still 8 players who had not yet dropped a point.

Still leading the way was Susan Hurley with 37 shots and she was still followed by Nick Wood, just 1 shot behind.

Rob Cook (34 shots) was in third, followed by Doris Frost (33), Sue Gilder and Peter Fellingham (32), Brian Pryke (31) and Pam Crawford (25).

Final Round
It looked as if this year was going to yield an unusually large number of perfect scores and yet even at this late stage there was time for people to falter and that they did, at least most of them did, in fact all but 2.

That allowed the minor positions to be taken up by those who at least managed to remain unbeaten all day.

So in 6th place on 9 points and 33 shots was Matt Crane, 5th was Doris Frost (9 pts, 37 shots), 4th was Peter Fellingham (9 pts, 39 shots) and 3rd was Trevor Bean (9 pts, 46 shots).

Which left just the two who had won all their games. Second place went to Pam Crawford on 10 points and 30 shots while this year's winner was the person who had led from the second set of games, Susan Hurley on 10 points and 43 shots.

We hope everyone enjoyed their day and look forward to seeing you again next year.

You can find the full day's results here.

Susan Hurley & Pam Crawford


The Suffolk County Bowls Association 2019 Charity Fours Tournament was held at Needham Market on Saturday 5th January.

Due to a clash of tournaments only 30 teams had entered this year so a new format was used and each team played 5 games during the days bowling.

The eventual winners were Claydon A – Clint & Emma Whatling, Ally Hobbs & Matt Crane who finished on 10 points and 52 shots for with 14 against.
They were closely followed by Chelmo/Barking - Karen & Alfie Hubbard (Chelmondiston) with Mick Watkins & Andy Gilder (Barking) on 10 points and 44 shots for with 16 against.
Other teams in the fray and winning 4 games with 8 points were:-
Hundon B with 49 shots, Knodishall A with 42 shots, URC Felixstowe 39 shots, Gt Blakenham with 37 shots and Claydon B with 34 shots.

Well done to all teams.

The Grand Draw had 56 draw prizes thanks to all those that contributed and bought tickets.

Claydon A have multi talents which also gave them a win in the Name the Pub competition AND the Proverb quiz.

Kevin Salmoln won the Name the Bear

John Raistrick and Graham Stark won the £1 coin competition

I hope you all enjoyed the day, we raised just over £940 for our chosen charity Wish Upon A Star at West Suffolk Hospital.