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Hertfordshire v Suffolk

Sunday 18th February saw Suffolk travel to Welwyn Garden City for what was always going to be their toughest game of the season, against Hertfordshire. However, with a 27 point advantage in the league, and with only one game to play after this one, Suffolk knew that a loss wouldn’t be the end of the world, and that keeping the result close would be the first goal.

The team consisted of:

S1 – Sue Isles, Bruce Miller, Colin Fellingham, Paul Daniels
S2 – Pete Runnacles, Nick Wood, Mick Watkins, Andy Pooley
S3 – Ralph Sadgrove, Ellen Grube, Adam Hubbard, Sue Gilder
S4 – Jim Goodrich, Emma Watling, Peter Fellingham, Clint Watling
S5 – Frank Wilkin, Sally Goodrich, Ally Hobbs, Sam Runnacles
S6 – Karen Hubbard, Steve Isles, Andy Gilder, Neil Jolly

Session 1
were off to a good start as the opposition took the jack off, and then added 4 on the second end. After that it was a question of maintaining that lead, which they did, taking the game 10-4. Unfortunately, it wasn’t such a good session for the other teams. S3 didn’t lose any big ends, they just slowly dropped behind over the first few ends, and ended up with a 3-7 loss. S5 were 5-3 up after 4 ends, and a couple of ends later they were only a shot behind, but a 4 dropped on the 7th end was decisive, and they were never able to get back in the game, finally losing 7-10.

Not the best of starts, with Hertfordshire leading 4-2.

Session 2
Sadly it was not going to get any better in the second set of games. S2 started well, and were 4-0 up after 3 ends, but the next 3 ends were lost, and they found themselves down 4-8. Going into the last end they were 5 behind, managing to pick up a 4 only left them tantalisingly close at 10-11. S6 also had their noses in front early on, and with 2 ends to go were all square at 5-5, but the last couple of ends went away from them, and they fell to a 5-8 loss. Finally, S4, again it was close all the way through, and they were only a single shot down going into the final end, but it was Herts who took it, Suffolk losing 4-6.

A full house for Hertfordshire, and they led 10-2. Lots of close games, but for once it was Suffolk who were being edged out.

Session 3
Suffolk were in desperate need of a good session, but sadly that wasn’t going to be the case for the only team that had gained any points for Suffolk thus far, S1. End after end, there was never much between the two teams, but end after end Hertfordshire edged it, completely shutting Suffolk out, who lost 0-12. Better news, though, for S3, they picked up a 5 on the 3rd end, and a 4 on the 6th, coming home to a comfortable 13-5 victory. Even better for S5 who, on a tricky, one-sided mat, only dropped 2 ends, to take an even more convincing 13-2 win.

Not a full house, but a winning session, saw Herts now 12-6 ahead. And as a measure of how close it actually was, Suffolk were only one shot behind overall.

Session 4
had a 3 end run in the middle of their game where they picked up 7 shots, taking them into a 9-2 lead which saw them in good stead as the came home to a 9-4 win. S4 picked up a 3 on the 5th end which took them into the lead, and there they stayed, also for a 9-4 win. And finally S6 came back from dropping 3 on the first end, taking the lead 2 ends later, and just keeping their noses in front from that point on, to win 8-5.

A much needed full house for Suffolk, which saw them levelling the game at 12-12.

Session 5
won the first end of their second game, but immediately fell behind. A 5 to the opposition on the 5th end set the seal on the game. They picked up the last 2 ends, but it was still a 7-12 loss. S5 were ahead after 3 ends, but dropped 7 shots over the space of 4 ends to fall to 6-9 down, but a 2 on the penultimate end, and then a single on the last same them pull off a vital draw, 9-9. Having not even registered a single shot in their previous game, S1 did so on the first end, this time, with a single, which they repeated for the next 4 ends, to lead 5-0, the 6th end was dropped, but it was just one, keeping it close was the name of the game, and they did just that as they came home to a hard fought 9-2 win.

The points had been shared, which put the overall score at 15-15, with just one session to go

Session 6
were off to a good start, 4-0 up after 2 ends, a lead which they only continued to build on as they cruised to a 13-2 win. S6 had an even better start, 5 on the 2nd end put them 7-0 up, the opposition came back to win the last 4 ends, but they already had enough in hand to ensure they stayed ahead, the final result was 10-6 to Suffolk. Finally, S4, having edged out a small early lead, fell behind in the second half of the game, to trail 4-8 going into the last end, but managed to somehow grab back the 4 shots they needed for a draw.

Another very good session for Suffolk saw them take 5 points, to take the overall win, 20-16.
After a truly terrible start to the day, which saw them win only 1 of the first 6 games, Suffolk outscored Hertfordshire 18-6 across the remainder of the day. The results of the season’s previous games may be more numerically impressive, but given the circumstances, this is probably the team’s best performance this season.

Keep an eye out for footage of the day's play, on Hertfordshire's YouTube Channel.

The other results mean that Suffolk have maintained their lead in the league to 27 points, now over Essex. The final match of the season will see Suffolk travelling to Bedfordshire needing 10 points to guarantee their 11th consecutive league title.

Other results:
Cambridgeshire 20-16 Bedfordshire
Essex 27-9 Norfolk








Suffolk v Cambridgeshire

Sunday 21st January saw Cambridgeshire visiting Needham Harket for the third game of the ECCBA League season. The team consisted of:

S1 – Sue Isles, Bruce Miller, Colin Fellingham, Paul Daniels
S2 – Pete Runnacles, Nick Wood, Mick Watkins, Andy Pooley
S3 – Jim Goodrich, Emma Watling, Peter Fellingham, Clint Watling
S4 – Sally Goodrich, Ellen Grube, Adam Hubbard, Sue Gilder
S5 – Frank Wilkin, Tom De-Banks, Ally Hobbs, Sam Runnacles
S6 – Karen Hubbard, Steve Isles, Andy Gilder, Neil Jolly

S1 spent the first half of their game just trying to keep it close. The score stood at 4-4 after 7 ends, but the last 2 ends belonged to Suffolk, who finished 9-4 up. S3 had their noses in front right from the start, but they were never hard ahead, and just hung on to win 7-5. S5 looked safe at 8-3 up with 2 ends to go, but lost the last 2 ends, and just held on, winning 8-7. All close games, but a clean sweep for Suffolk.

S2 had their game in the bag with just 3 ends played. By that point they were 9-0 up, and after that controlled the game to see themselves through to an 11-5 win. S6 were in a similar situation, they went out to an 11-0 lead after 6 ends, a=only losing one end as they won 13-3. S4 weren’t so fortunate. They dropped 5 on the 3rd end, and although they recovered 4 of those shots on the next end, they never got closer to their opposition than within 2 shots, as they lost 8-11. Only the one game lost with 2 sessions played, and Suffolk led 10-2 overall.

S1 were just keeping their noses in front after 5 ends, but the 6th saw them break the back of the game with a 4, and with 2 ends to go they were 7 shots ahead. They finished up 10-5 winners. S3 chipped away at their opposition over the first 5 ends, by which time they led 7-0. Cambridgeshire won the 6th end, but that was the only one as Suffolk took the game 12-3. A 4 on the second end saw S5 already 5-0 up, but 3 ends later it was back to 5-4. But a couple of twos saw them go into the last end 4 shots up, finally winning 9-7. Another clean sweep, saw Suffolk 16-2 up at the halfway mark.

S2 were off to a poor start, dropping 4 on the first end, but they recovered all of that and more, with a 5 on the very next end. 3 on the next end saw them 8-4 up, but the opposition crept the game back to 8-7 over the next 3 ends. But the rest of the game belonged to Suffolk as they picked up 11 shots over the last 3 ends to finish 19-7. It was nip and tuck over the first 4 ends for S4, which saw them 4-5 down, but after that it was all Suffolk, as they ran out to a 15-5 victory. S6 kept it close for the first half, but trailed 5-6 after 6 ends, however a 4 and then a 2 catapulted them in front, and they finished with an 11-7 win. Another 6 points in that session saw Suffolk now 22-2 up.

S1 slipped behind, caught up, and then slipped behind again, to stand 4-7 down. They pulled one back on the next, but jumped into the lead with a 5 on the penultimate end, and, after a struggle, also took the final end, for an 11-7 win. S3 started well, then allowed the opposition back in, with 2 ends to go they were just a shot ahead, but they took those final ends, and won 11-7. S5 led from the first end, after which they crept away, bit by bit, to a comfortable 11-3 win. One session to go and Suffolk now led 28-2, already a good tally, but how many more could they get?

S2 pulled away from their opposition after the second end, and ran out to another comfortable win, 14-4. S4 won the first end, and the last couple, but in the middle part of the game the opposition had run up 11 shots, the game was lost 7-11. S6 drifted behind to be 1-5 down 5 ends in, but squared the game at 5-5 on the next end, and then went ahead for the first time in the game at 6-5, but the final 2 ends were lost, and the final result was a 6-9 loss. Suffolk ended the day with a huge 30-6 victory.

The final session was a slight blemish on an otherwise great day for Suffolk, the odd game could, perhaps, have gone the other way, but the same can be said of at least one of the lost games.

Congratulations to S1, S2, S3 and S5, who all won all three of their games.

The other results mean that Suffolk have extended their lead in the league to 27 points, but the next match, a visit to Hertfordshire on 18th February, will be by far their trickiest match so far.

Other results:
Bedfordshire 11-25 Essex
Norfolk 21-15 Hertfordshire








Suffolk v Norfolk

Sunday 10th December saw Suffolk hosting their first league game of the season, with the visit of Norfolk, who had also had a winning start, with victory over Bedfordshire.

The team was due to be the same one that faced Essex, but a few last minute changes were required owing to sickness, so the team consisted of;

S1 – Sue Isles, Bruce Miller, Colin Fellingham, Paul Daniels
S2 – Pete Runnacles, Nick Wood, Mick Watkins, Andy Pooley
S3 – Jim Goodrich, Emma Watling, Sally Goodrich, Peter Fellingham
S4 – Ralph Sadgrove, Rita Runnacles, Adam Hubbard, Sue Gilder
S5 – Frank Wilkin, Tom De-Banks, Ally Hobbs, Sam Runnacles
S6 – Karen Hubbard, Steve Isles, Andy Gilder, Neil Jolly

The first session saw S3 getting off to a good start, they were 9-1 up after 4 ends, and remained well ahead, to win 14-3. It was much the same story for S5, 7-0 up after 4 ends, they too were comfortable winners, 12-3. But it wasn’t all good news, S1 were holding their own until the 5th end, when the Norfolk skip used the final wood of the end to pick off Suffolk’s shot wood, for a 6, that put them 8-4 ahead, after which they controlled the game. The game ended in an 8-10 loss for Suffolk. Suffolk led the match 4-2 overall.

S2 were also off to a strong start, 9-1 ahead after 5 ends, they went on to win 10-5. S4’s game was very close at the start, just 3 shots scored in the first 4 ends, but a 3 put them 5-1 up, and a 4 on the 7th saw them go 9-3 ahead, and although they dropped a 3 on the last, they took the game 9-7. And S6 were another team well ahead early on, a 5 on the 4th put them 10-1 up, and they finished 13-5 winners, for a Suffolk clean sweep. Suffolk now led 12-2.

The third session saw S3 getting their noses in front on the 3rd end, and then just edging away slightly, winning the game 8-4. After a slow start, S1 pulled away to lead 8-0 after 4 ends, a lead which they never looked likely to relinquish as they pulled further away to win 14-5. Closest of all was S5’s game. They scored 2 on the first end, which was as big as the gap between the two team ever got, from the 4th end onwards there was never more than a shot in it. Norfolk went into the last end 1 up, but with only the skips to bowl, Suffolk had 3 woods crowded around the jack. The Norfolk skip got the jack loose with his first, got 2nd wood with his last, and earned himself a 5-5 draw. At the halfway point, Suffolk now led 15-3.

S4 started slowly, they were 4-0 down after 2 ends, and 7-2 down after 5, but 2 ends later they had the lead, and they finished 11-7 winners. The other two games were one horse races. S2 were 7-0 up after 3 ends, and won all the remaining ends, albeit by just 1 shot each, to finish 13-0 ahead. As for S6, they also won, and it was emphatic. They were already 10-0 ahead after 2 ends, and while their pace slowed a little after that, and lost an end, they finished 29-1 ahead. Suffolk had extended their lead to 21-3.

With 2 sessions still to go, the match was won, but Suffolk still needed to gather as many points as possible from the remaining 6 games.

The 5th session saw a second defeat for S1, they were 3 behind after the first end, but clawed they way back and were 4-4 at 5 ends, but after that, they struggled and the game drifted away from them. They lost 4-9. S3 fared much better, 6-0 up after 3, they kept themselves well ahead of the opposition, finishing 11-5 winners. And for S5 it was close, but they always had their noses in front, holding their nerve for a 7-3 win. One session to go and Suffolk led 25-5.

So far, so good for Suffolk, but not so much for the day’s final session which was, by far, Norfolk’s best, and deservedly so. Having trounced their opposition in the previous game, S6 couldn’t gain any traction in their final match. They were only 3-5 down after 5 ends, but 5 dropped on the 6th meant they were chasing from then on. They went on to lose 5-16. S4 were involved in a game that was close all the way through, it was 5-5 with 2 ends to go, but Suffolk went into the last end with a 2 shot advantage, however the Norfolk skip used his last wood to go from 1 down to 3 up, to snatch the victory 8-7. The one bright spot for Suffolk was S2, who were just keeping their noses in front, until a seesaw 8th end, which saw them grab 3, to take a 6 shot advantage into the last end. They finished 9-6 winners.

Despite a disappointing final session, Suffolk came out 27-9 winners, which extends their lead at the top of the table.

Congratulations to S2 and S3 who won all their games.

The next match will see a visit from Cambridgeshire, on 21st January.

Other results:
Hertfordshire 27-9 Bedfordshire
Cambridgeshire 20-16 Essex








Essex v Suffolk

Sunday 26th November saw Suffolk travel to Essex for the opening game of the 2023/24 ECCBA League season. With a couple of long-standing players choosing to sit out this season, the team had something of a new look. The team consisted of;

S1 – Sue Isles, Bruce Miller, Colin Fellingham, Paul Daniels
S2 – Pete Runnacles, Nick Wood, Mick Watkins, Andy Pooley
S3 – Jim Goodrich, Emma Watling, Peter Fellingham, Clint Watling
S4 – Sally Goodrich, Ellen Grube, Adam Hubbard, Sue Gilder
S5 – Frank Wilkin, Tom De-Banks, Ally Hobbs, Sam Runnacles
S6 – Karen Hubbard, Steve Isles, Andy Gilder, Neil Jolly

The first session saw S1 taking a 1 shot lead into the final end, which they took, for an 11-7 win, S3's game was even tighter, but they came out just ahead, 7-6, and although it was another close game for S5, they just missed out, losing 4-6. Suffolk led 4-2 overall.

A good start, that got even better in the second session. S2 took the win in a very low scoring game 6-2, S4 took the one of the few comfortable wins of the day, with a 13-2 victory, and S6 made it a clean sweep of the session, winning 10-6. Suffolk now led 10-2.

While S3 missed out by the narrowest of margins, losing 7-8, there was another win for S1, who snatched a 6-4 win with the final shot of the game (thanks to more than one wick), and S5 came home with their noses well in front, 11-4. At the halfway mark, Suffolk were well ahead 14-4.

The fourth session saw that lead extend even further. S2 picked up a second win, 10-8, and S6 did the same, 9-5. It wasn't a clean sweep, though, S4 couldn't quite hang on to the one shot lead they took into the final end of their game, but they only dropped a single on that end, finishing 6-6. Suffolk further extended their lead, to 19-5.

With Suffolk just getting the better of so many close games, that run of winning sessions was bound to come to an end, and it did so in the penultimate session. S3 and S5 both found themselves chasing their games, without success, S3 fell to a 6-11 defeat, while S5 went down 5-10. It wasn't all bad news though, as S1 ground out a 9-1 win. The overall score now stood at 21-9 in Suffolk's favour.

After such a good start, it would be disappointing if Suffolk ended up falling away at the end, so a strong final session would be important, and so it proved to be. The closest game of the bunch saw S4 take an 11-7 win, while S6 took theirs 15-6, and S2 rounded out the session with the biggest winning margin of the day, 14-1. Another clean sweep, which saw Suffolk taking the win 27-9.

The closeness of several of the games, means that the final score is, perhaps, not entirely representative of the relative strengths of the two teams, but so often just that little bit extra makes a huge difference, and Suffolk were, on more than one occasion, not much, but just a little bit better.

Congratulations to S1, S2 and S6 who all took 3 wins out of 3.

A very strong start to the new season for Suffolk, which hopefully bodes well for their title defence, which will continue in the next game, at home to Norfolk, at Needham Market, on 10th December.

Other results:
Bedfordshire 13-23 Norfolk
Cambridgeshire 21-15 Hertfordshire

2023/24 Suffolk Squad

On Sunday 15th October the Suffolk squad trials took place at Needham Market Community Centre.

After a very tough selectors meeting, the squad for 23/24 has been finalised. The Team will consist of 28 players with 24 needed for League Matches. The Squad is as follows;

Lauren De-Banks (Hintlesham)
Tom De-Banks (Hintlesham)
Paul Daniels (Belstead)
Colin Fellingham (Cockfield)
Peter Fellingham (Cockfield)
Andy Gilder (Barking)
Sue Gilder (Barking)
Jim Goodrich (Claydon)
Sally Goodrich (Claydon)
Ellen Grube (Hundon)
Ally Hobbs (Claydon)
Adam Hubbard (Chelmondiston)
Karen Hubbard (Chelmondiston)
Steve Isles (Claydon)
Sue Isles (Claydon)
Neil Jolly (Brockley)
Paul Leach (Stanningfield)
Bruce Miller (Chelmondiston)
Andy Pooley (Claydon)
Peter Runnacles (Barking)
Rita Runnacles (Barking)
Sam Runnacles (Claydon)
Ralph Sadgrove (Hundon)
Mick Watkins (Barking)
Clint Watling (Claydon)
Emma Watling (Claydon)
Frank Wilkin (Hintlesham)
Nick Wood (Hundon)

The first league match for the new squad will be the away match against Essex at Great Saling, on 26th November.

Sally Goodrich (Captain)