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2018 Six Counties Charity Teambowl

On Sunday 23 September, Norfolk CBA hosted the ECCBA Six Counties Charity Teambowl at Littleport Leisure Centre.

The competition involved the six Eastern Counties, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. Each county were represented by four singles, four pairs and four triples, each playing one seven end game against each of the other counties.

Suffolk were aiming to win the Teambowl for the sixth consecutive year but having finished runners up in the Six Counties at the same venue back in April, a much improved team performance would be needed. The team selected was:

S1: Paul Leach (single), Pete & Rita Runnacles (pair), Jim Goodrich, Ellen Grube & Neil Jolly (triple)

S2: Mick Watkins (single), Don Allum & Colin Fellingham (pair), Sue Isles, Graham Davey & Clint Watling (triple)

S3: Paul Daniels (single), Sue Davey & Peter Fellingham (pair), Steve Isles, Adam Hubbard & Tom Runnacles (triple)

S4: Andy Pooley (single), Sally Goodrich & Sam Runnacles (pair), Nick Wood, John Varden & Steven Cain (triple)

Suffolk’s first opponents were Essex and four tough singles games were expected. It was Andy who made the best start of the Suffolk singles, a win never looked in doubt as he eased to a 12-1 win. The other three games were far closer, but it was a dream start as Paul L (8-5), Mick (6-5) and Paul D (7-6) all held their nerve during the latter ends to record wins. Next on were the pairs and four tight games followed. Pete/Rita secured the first Suffolk points with a 9-7 win and that was quickly followed by Sue/Peter with a 7-4 win. Some last end magic from Sam then added another win, with Sally/Sam winning 5-3. Unfortunately another clean sweep was not to be as Don/Colin lost 3-8. Finally the triples and after four good games, those points were fairly shared. The Suffolk wins were comfortable ones for S1 (10-2) and S3 (8-2). The other two triples losing close encounters, S2 by 4-6, and S4 by 3-6. Suffolk were pleased with their eighteen points against Essex, which took them straight to top spot overall, Cambridgeshire just behind on sixteen points.

Next up, it was first versus second with Cambridgeshire the opposition. Four confident Suffolk singles took to the mats after their first games. This time it was Mick who made the best start and he didn’t give his opponent a look in, seven perfect ends and a convincing 15-0 win. The other three games were tight though, all went to the final bowls and again the Suffolk singles held their nerve. Paul L in particular played well for his 7-4 win, Andy won 6-4 and Paul secured a valuable point with a 4-4 draw. In the pairs, it was Pete/ Rita who made the better start and they quickly had control of their game, easing to a 9-1 win. Just like the singles before, the other three games would go to the wire. Don/Colin bounced back well from their first game loss to record a 7-5 win and Sue/Peter played well again for their 9-6 win. Unfortunately Sally/Sam couldn’t add a fourth win, going down 2-5 in a low scoring game. The triples games were a mixed bag, the high points were a convincing win for S2 by 13-3 and another win (6-2) for S3. S1 lost a final end shoot-out to lose 5-6 and S4 simply didn’t get a foothold in their game, losing 1-11. However Suffolk were more than happy with seventeen points from Cambridgeshire, which maintained their leaders position overall.

Norfolk were up next and again the Suffolk singles got the team off to a strong start. Both Andy (9-2 win) and Mick (7-4 win) kept up their fine form and recorded their third consecutive wins. Paul D also stayed unbeaten, another tight game for him but a hard earned 6-5 win. Paul L (4-6 loss) was a bowl away from winning as well, but his opponent snatched victory with his final bowl. In the pairs, Sue/Peter maintained their unbeaten record, but only just with a 5-5 draw. Performance of the session came from Sally/Sam, responding well to their previous game loss with a comfortable 10-4 win. The consistency of Don/Colin added two more points with a 7-3 win, but Pete/Rita dropped their first points of the day, losing 3-9.
In the triples games, S1 bounced back from their previous loss, to record a fairly comfortable 10-3 win. The other games were a lot closer though but as the ends went by, the Suffolk triples gained more control and three more wins always looked on the cards. S3 played well for their third consecutive win (7-3), a much improved S4 deservedly won by 6-4 and the full house was completed by S2 with an 8-5 win. Suffolk were very pleased with the nineteen points scored against Norfolk and that increased their advantage at the top to fifteen points ahead of Cambridgeshire, with Essex a further point behind.

The penultimate session and Hertfordshire were the opponents. On paper Andy had the toughest game but he more than rose to the occasion with a good performance and an 11-4 win. Further wins followed from both the Pauls, Paul L winning well by 9-5 and Paul D keeping up his record of close games, winning by the slimmest of margins, 4-3. In the pairs, the highlight was a dominant display by Pete/Rita as they hit top form on their way to a convincing 15-1 win. The steady duo of Don/Colin added two more points with a tight 6-4 win and in a similar game, Sally/Sam won again with a 7-5 win. Despite a fine effort on the final end, Sue/Peter’s unbeaten record went, with a 4-5 defeat. In the triples, it was the unbeaten S3 leading the way, in complete control throughout with a one-sided 14-2 win. S3 weren’t far behind them with a superb 16-4 win and not to be outdone, S4 played well again to record a 13-2 win. Finally, whilst not as high scoring, equally as important was S2’s 6-3 win for a full house of triples wins. Twenty points from Hertfordshire was more than expected and this increased Suffolk’s overall lead to eighteen points over Cambridgeshire. With only one county left to play, it was now Suffolk’s event to lose.

Suffolk’s final opponents were Bedfordshire and four quality singles games followed. Paul L was having a good day and he sneaked a final end 6-4 win, finishing with four wins from five. Going one better, Andy took his fifth win (7-3) of the day, a superb display and the only singles bowler in the event to win all five games. Mick (6-7, on the final bowl) and Paul D (4-10) lost but both played well all day and contributed good points. In the pairs, confidence was high and four more wins were secured, meaning they all had only lost one game each all day, a fantastic effort. There were two high scoring wins, Don/Colin (12-2) and Sue/Peter (13-2) and two closer games, Pete/Rita (6-4) and Sally/Sam (8-5). Then to add the icing on to the cake, the triples also finished their day with a whitewash four win session. After a slow start S4 were on a roll now, a convincing 13-2 victory for their third consecutive win. S1 (8-3) and S2 (11-3) both finished with four wins from five. Top performing triple were S3, finishing in great style with a 15-3 win, for a maximum five wins. Another twenty points from Bedfordshire completed an excellent day for the Suffolk team.

The final points and standings were:








It had been an outstanding all round team performance from Suffolk, reflected by the significant margin of victory overall.

The winning points total (94) is the most number of points Suffolk have ever scored in this event and may well be the highest points total ever.

All of the team contributed to the win, with the points very evenly shared around the singles, pairs and triples.

Particular mentions should go to Andy Pooley and the triple of Steve Isles, Adam Hubbard and Tom Runnacles, both winning all of the games.

Neil Jolly (County Captain)

You can find the full set of results here.