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Suffolk Pairs

This year’s Pairs matched last year’s entry of 45, which meant deploying the dreaded 9th mat. The winners of each of the 9 groups would qualify, along with the best 7 runners-up.

Group 1
Claydon C
comfortably took the group, winning all their games with ease. The runner-up spot went to Hintlesham & Chattisham E, but their 5 points and 21 shots was 6 shots short of what they needed to qualify.

Group 2
Copdock & Washbrook
and Cockfield were separated by just 2 shots, having both won 3 and lost 1 game. Cockfield finished top courtesy of their victory over Cockfield, but both teams were through.

Group 3
Four teams ended up within just one point of one another once all the games were played, with the top 2 teams finishing on 5 points. Knodishall/Belstead won the group thanks to their 29 shots, 3 better than Barking A. Both teams were through.

Group 4
Hintlesham & Chattisham C
were one of only 2 teams to come through the group stages with 4 wins, comfortably topping the group. The runner-up spot went to Elmsett C, on 5 points, they too were through.

Group 5
Top spot went to Earl Soham, who won 3 of their 4 games. The remaining teams in the group were separated by just 1 point, but 4 points was the best any of them could manage, which wouldn’t be enough to progress.

Group 6
Chelmondiston A
’s 6 points was good enough for the group win. They finished just 1 point ahead of 2 teams, Claydon E, who qualified, and Elmsett D, who just missed out by 3 shots.

Group 7
With one game in the group to be played, any combination of two out of three teams could get through. As it was, the game, between Chelmondiston B and Claydon D finished in a draw, which meant that Chelmo (7 points) were through as group winners, Kelsale (6 points) were through in second, and Claydon (5 points) missed out.

Group 8
Three teams ended up on 6 points. First place went to Barking (34 shots), and second went to Hundon/Stanningfield (31 shots). Unfortunately, Elmsett E (26 shots) just missed out.

Group 9
Claydon B
made it through undefeated, dropping just one point in their 4 games. Barking B’s 5 points and 27 shots left them in second, and they too were through to the knockout rounds.

First Round
Hintlesham & Chattisham C
knocked out the holders, Cockfield, coming from 3-4 down with 2 ends to go, to win 8-4.

Barking A had the best of the middle part of the game, against Earl Soham, holding on to win 5-3.

Kelsale pulled out a 6 shot lead over Chelmondiston A, and held on to win 7-4.

Chelmondiston B just had the best of Claydon E over the first few ends, but really pulled away at the end, to win 10-1.

Barking C established an early lead over Claydon B, and were never in trouble as they won 7-2.

Claydon C were 2-5 down to Barking B with 3 ends to go, but pulled themselves back into the game, and finished 9-5 winners.

Hundon/Stanningfield were looking good against Copdock & Washbrook, 7-3 up with 2 ends to go, but Copdock levelled the game to force an extra end, which they won for a 10-7 victory.

There was never much between Knodishall/Belstead and Elmsett C, but Elmsett had the better of the closing ends, winning 7-3.

Quarter Finals
A 3 on the second end for Hintlesham & Chattisham C made sure that they were always within reaching distance against Kelsale, in a very close game. Unfortunately, the chance to win the game with the last wood, was too much to resist, when the game could have gone to an extra end, and the game was lost by Hintlesham 4-7.

Barking A took the early advantage against Chelmondiston B, and they were never in trouble, winning 11-4.

Claydon C chipped out a 5-0 lead over Copdock & Washbrook over the first 4 ends, and that held them in good stead, as they took the game 7-3.

An early lead for Barking C was lost on the fourth end as Elmsett C took a 4. Elmsett never looked back, taking the win 8-4.

Barking A (Andy Gilder & Mick Watkins) v Kelsale (Oscar Mew & Paul Daniels)

Barking led 7-3 going into the final end, but found themselves trying too hard not to lose a big score, and ended up doing just that, as Kelsale picked up the shots they needed to force an extra end. That end was incredibly tight, but Kelsale just held the narrowest of advantages, until the final shot moved to just enough for Barking to get the shot they needed to reach the final.

Claydon C (Andy Pooley & David Ford) v Elmsett C (John Gillies & Barry Thorpe)
Claydon took the lead from the start, and were 5-0 ahead after 3 ends, Elmsett took 1 back on the 4th, but going into the last end Claydon had the game sewn up at 10-1, although Elmsett grabbed a couple back on that final end.

Claydon C (Andy Pooley & David Ford) v Barking A (Andy Gilder & Mick Watkins)
End 1
- Claydon are holding 3 or 4, Andy P puts in a good-looking blocker, but Andy G draws in to a tight cluster, takes shot, and Andy P can’t get it back with his last. Barking lead 1-0.
End 2 - Mick starts well, but David is into the head to push the jack through. Andy P draws shot, but Andy G pushes that one through, and then takes a second. 3-0 to Barking.
End 3 - Mick is no better than jack high, David is there and behind, to hold 1. Andy G plays across the head, to take the jack, and hold 2. Andy P uses his last wood to play the shot through, and takes one. 3-1 to Barking.
End 4 - David again with the better start, but Mick pushes the jack through to the back of the mat. No one is particularly close. Andy P find the wide line, and gets to within a foot and a half to hold, and then repeats the shot. 3-3.
End 5 - David puts a toucher in behind the jack, and Andy P puts one on the front. Four down, Andy G manages to cut Claydon down to 2, and Claydon now lead 5-3.
End 6 - David moves the jack to the back again, Andy P draws one, and Andy G manages to promote an opposition wood into second. 7-3 to Claydon.
Final End - David puts the screws on with his 3 woods, and the situation looks unpromising for Barking, even more so when Andy P drops a second Claydon wood onto the front of the jack. The end is turning into a nightmare for Barking as, with Mick having already gone off the side, Andy G hits hit the middle. Andy P makes sure of the win by taking another Barking wood off, and they end up with a 4 to win 11-3.

This is David’s 4th Pairs title, and Andy’s second.

Many thanks to all the attendees, and in particalar all those who stayed to the end, and helped clear up.

All the day's results can be found here.

Suffolk Triples

Despite the close proximity to Christmas, this year's championship attracted 28 teams, the same as last year.

The group winners, runners-up, and the best 3rd placed team would qualify for the knockout rounds.

Group 1 was won by Belstead, who were undefeated, with second place going to Chelmondiston A, who finished on 6 points.

Group 2 was an incredibly close affair, with Hundon A and Elmsett B vying to top the group in their last game, with Hundon knowing that they would finish first as long as they didn’t lose by more than 6 shots. And that's just what happened. the game finished 7-1 to Elmsett, which left the two teams tied on 6 points, and 23 shots, but Hundon only had 15 against, compared with Elmsett’s 24.

Claydon A won all their games to top Group 3, second place went to Chelmondiston B, who finished on 6 points and 27 shots, just ahead of Elmsett C who scored 1 shot less, but who, in turn had finished 1 shot better than the second best 3rd placed team, and so also qualified.

Stanningfield A scored a clean sweep of their games to win Group 4, with Brockley taking the runner-up spot by 3 shots over Chelmondiston & Barking, who also just missed out on being the best 3rd placed team.

Group 5 was closest of all, going into the final round of games there were 4 teams placed on 4 points. Old Felixstowe A finished top, with 6 points and 32 shots, second went to Knodishall A (6 points and 23 shots), just edging out Barrow (6 points and 22 shots).

Knockout Rounds
First Round
(runners-up and best 3rd)
Brockley began against Chelmondiston B with a 3, and were never behind as they went on to win 10-2.

Chelmondiston A dropped the first end against Elmsett B, but were level on the next then ahead, where they stayed, to win 7-2.

Having been 6-1 down to Elmsett B, Knodishall A performed a huge turn around, levelling the game on the next end, before winning the 2 remaining ends for a 10-6 victory.

Quarter Finals
Whatever Claydon A did, Chelmondiston A had an answer for them, winning the first 4 ends to pull 7-0 ahead. Claydon won the next end, but only with one shot, and a 3 for Chelmo finished the game off at 10-1 with an end to go.

Stanningfield A picked up 8 shots over Old Felixstowe A, over the course of 3 ends, to lead 8-1, thereafter controlling the game to take a 9-3 win.

Brockley took the early advantage against Hundon A, and were 4-0 up after 2 ends. But 2 ends later it was all square. Brockley took 2 on the next, which was, again, equalled, to put the score 6 all, with an end to go. A single shot was all that was needed, and it was Brockley that got it, to seal the win.

Having performed one miraculous escape, Knodishall A found themselves 5 down after one end against Belstead, and 8-0 down after 3 ends. Surely they couldn’t do it again? And, indeed, they weren’t finished, they picked up a 3, then a 4, and were one ahead with a 2, as their skip pulled off a series of perfect shots. And he did it again on the last, holding his nerve, where the opposition couldn’t, well down with just 1 wood to bowl, he took shot, having pushed the jack back, and Belstead couldn’t grab it back. Knodishall won 10-8.

Chelmondiston A picked up 1 on the first end, but a couple of ends later, they were 5-1 down to Stanningfield A. Another 2 ends later it was all square, 5-5, but it was Stanningfield who won the final 2 ends, taking the game 8-5.

Knodishall A once again found themselves well down, this time to Brockley, 9-1 after 4 ends, but there was no miraculous turn around this time, as Brockley held them at bay to win 10-4.

(Paul Leach, Trevor Bean & Rob Parnell) v Brockley (Neil & Keith Jolly and Andrew Hensby)
End 1 - Brockley have the early advantage, but Stanningfield sneak in. It’s close, Stanningfield decide not to bowl their last, and get it on a measure, to lead 1-0.
End 2 - Stanningfield hold 3, although there’s nothing very close, until Neil knocks an opposition wood in with his first, to hide the jack. He goes with the draw with his last, no change, 3 to Stanningfield, who now lead 4-0.
End 3 - Again there’s nothing much close, until Brockley promote an opposition wood. Paul gets second, Neil can’t change the head, 2 more to Stanningfield, and they lead 6-0.
End 4 - Finally a draw to the jack, from Brockley, and while Stanningfield hit their target with the next, it squeezes out to Brockley’s side woods, and they hold 2. Paul cuts that down to one, forcing Neil to play his last, despite the potential for danger. He gets it right, taps the best opposition wood away, and takes 2. 6-2 to Stanningfield.
End 5 - They’re starting to warm up now, with shot wood changing rapidly. Brockley hold one as the skips come to bowl, but Stanningfield have to crucial back wood. The jack is moved, but Brockley still hold, the last 2 woods to nothing. 6-3 to Stanningfield.
End 6 - Brockley hold with their wood on the nose of the jack, but there are a trio of opposition woods just behind it. Neil decides to block the straighter hand, Paul falls foul of the swing on the other, one to Brockley. 6-4.
Final End - Brockley’s best start of the game, they’re holding 3 with the skips left to go. Neil’s blocker blocks nothing, and Paul is in, onto the shot wood, and holds. Neil is left with an improbable shot to get what's needed to force another end, and, indeed, doesn't manage it, the final result is 7-4 to Stanningfield.



You can find all the day's results here, and view the final here.

Suffolk Fours

There were 27 teams entered, playing across 5 groups, with the winners, runners-up and the best 3rd placed team qualifying for the knockout stages.

The day began slightly late as we waited for the arrival of a few players who has been held up by flooding caused by overnight rain.

Group 1
topped the group, winning all their games, while Claydon B won 3 and lost 1 to take second place.

Group 2
topped the group with 4 wins, while Claydon A lost just the once to finish runners-up.

Group 3
Hundon B
dropped just one point on their way to the group win, with Chelmondiston A clear runners-up on 6 points.

Group 4
won 3 and drew 1 to finish group winners, Claydon C made it a trio of Claydon runners-up, with 6 points, and Hintlesham & Chattisham A’s 2 wins and a draw was sufficient to see them through as the best 3rd placed team.

Group 5
Group winners, with 4 victories, were Burstall, while Elmsett B lost just once, on their way through to the knockout rounds.

Knockout Stages
Round 1
(Runners-Up and Best 3rd Place)
Chelmondiston A were off to a flier against Elmsett B, getting 7 on the board before the opposition scored. They were never going to give that lead up, and took the game 8-4.

The battle of the Claydons saw ‘A’ grab an early 5-0 lead, after which they alternated winning ends, with ‘B’ never getting closer than within 3 shots. ‘A’ ends up 9-4 winners.

Claydon C won the first and last of the 6 ends played. Hintlesham & Chattisham A won the intervening 4 ends. Unfortunately for Hintlesham, they only scored 1 on each of their winning ends, while Claydon picked up a pair of 3s. Final score 6-4 to Claydon.

Quarter Finals
Hundon B
were 5-0 up over Claydon C, after just 2 ends. Claydon grabbed 3 back in the next couple, but Hundon restored their lead on the next. They went into the last end 6 up, and succeeded in dropping just 3, to win 9-6.

Cockfield and Chelmondiston A were all square after 3 ends, but the second half of the game saw Cockfield pull away to a 7-2 victory.

A couple of big ends for Belstead/Brockley was what separated them from Stanningfield, as they won 11-3.

Burstall looked like they had the game in the bag, against Claydon A, very early on. They led 6-0 after 2 ends, and were 3 up on the third with one wood to go. But that last wood was drawn in for shot, stopping the rot, after which Claydon worked their way back before getting the 2 on what was to be the last end, to put them in front. Claydon won 7-6.

had beaten Claydon A in the group stages, but this time the boot was on the other foot. Claydon had the early advantage, and never let off the pressure, running out to a convincing 8-1 win.

Hundon B picked up 3 against Cockfield on the first end, but 2 ends later Cockfield were 7-3 up, a lead which they never relinquished, winning 9-4.

(Colin & Keith Fellingham, June Pettit and Jane Coulon) v Claydon (Clint & Emma Watling, Ally Hobbs and Sam Runnacles)

Facing much the same team that had won the championship the year before, Cockfield would have been considered the underdogs going into game, but they hadn't put a foot wrong all day, and that continued to be the case.

Cockfield won the first end, picking up 2 shots, and added a further one on the second. Claydon came back on the third end, with a 2, reducing the lead to just one shot, but that was as close as they got.

Cockfield picked up one each on the next 2 ends, and then, on the penultimate end, put the seal on the game with a three, to lead 8-2. A 6 shot lead was always going to be eminently defendable, and so it proved to be. Claydon had been chasing the game from the start, and weren't able to manufacture a miracle. Cockfield picked up one more shot on that final end, to take a well deserved 9-2 victory.

For the record, Colin last won the Fours in 2011/12, and June last won it 30 years again, in 1993/94.



You can find all the day's results here, and you can view the final here.