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Suffolk Singles 2019/2020 Afternoon Session

20 players would play off for the remaining 3 Finals Day places.

Group 1
Stanningfield B
came through undefeated, dropping just 1 point. Cockfield C finished on 4 points.

Group 2
Cockfield C
won all 3 ganes while Stanningfield A lost just the one.

Group 3
topped the group with maximum points. The rest of the teams finished on 2 points and the best of them was Hoggards Green B.

Group 4
Burstall A
and Hoggards Green C both finished with 2 wins and a loss, Burstall took the group win by 4 shots. And Claydon A's 2 points and 19 shots was enough to go through as the final qualifier.

Group 5
This group was settled before the final games were played. Barking A and Hoggards Green A played one another to decide the final positions and it was Hoggards that won to finish top. Claydon F, who finished on 3 points, also did enough to get through.

Knockout Rounds
Round 1
Claydon F
ran out to a 10-2 win over Stanningfield B.

From a 6-3 lead Cockfield B fell to an 8-6 loss against Hoggards Green B.

Brockley led Hoggards Green C from the start and finished 8-2 up with an end to spare and turned out to be the only group winner to progress.

It was the same story for Barking A who took a 9-2 win over Burstall A, again without needing to play the final end.

Having fallen behind early on to Hoggards Green A, Claydon G came back for a 6-4 win.

Although all square after 3 ends, Stanningfield A edged away to a 6-3 win over Cockfield C.

Round 2
Claydon F
never recovered from losing the first 3 ends to Barking A who went on to win 10-3.

Claydon G built up a comfortable lead early on, enough to be able to drop 3 on the last end to Hoggards Green B and still win 6-5.

Despite falling behind early on Stanningfield A went into the last end against Brockley with a 5-3 lead, but couldn't keep it up, allowing the opposition back in to claim 3 shots and a 6-5 win.

Sam Runnacles
(Barking A)
Jim Goodrich
(Claydon G)
Neil Jolly

You can find all the day's results here.

Suffolk Singles 2019/2020 Morning Session

There were 36 players in 9 groups looking for one of the 5 spots for finals day.

Group 1
Offton & Willisham
won the group on maximum points with Darsham and Barking C both going through on 3 points.

Group 2
Kelsale A
finished top with 3 wins while Knodishall A and Barrow A both finished on 3 points and went through.

Group 3
Barking E
finished top on maximum points with Chelmondiston A take second on 4 points.

Group 4
Claydon B
won all three games while Tuddenham A were the best of the other 3 who all finished on just 2 points.

Group 5
Hundon A
dropped just one point, winning the group, while Hintlesham came home in second on 4 points.

Group 6
Claydon A
won them all while Barrow D came home in second with one loss.

Group 7
Tuddenham B
and Hundon D each had two wins and a loss, Tuddenham won the group on shots.

Group 8
Hundon C
won all three games, Gt Blakenham only lost the once.

Group 9
Barking B
and Barrow E both finished on 4 points, Barking had the edge on shots.

Knockout Stages
Round 1
Barrow A
pulled off a surprise win, just hanging on to beat Barking E 5-4.

Knodishall A chipped away at Offton & Willisham to come back from 1-3 down to win 6-3.

Claydon B picked up 5 shots in the first 2 ends against Hintlesham but needed to win the last end to take the game 7-4.

Hundon A came from 2-4 down against Barrow D to win 7-4.

Kelsale A had a good middle of the game to get ahead, beating Chelmondiston A 7-5.

Darsham needed to win the last 2 ends to beat Barrow E 6-4.

Barking B were 6-0 ahead of Gt Blakenham with 3 ends down, finally winning 7-3.

There was never much between Claydon A and Barking C, Claydon just edged it 5-4.

Tuddenham A comfortably beat Tuddenham B 8-1.

Hundon D were always ahead of Hundon C, finally winning 8-3.

Second Round
Knodishall A
were down after 2 ends against Claydon A, came back to lead and then did enough to hang on to a 6-5 win.

Kelsale A took a pair of full houses to end the game against Tuddenham A 11-1 with 2 ends to go.

Hundon D were ahead all the way through, beating Barrow A 7-2.

Barking B comfortably beat Claydon B 10-1, despite losing the first end.

Hundon A led from the start against Darsham, winning 8-1.

Tom Runnacles
(Barking B)
Ellen Grube
(Hundon A)
Nick Wood
(Hundon D)
Oscar Mew
(Kelsale A)
John Whiting
(Knodishall A)

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Suffolk Pairs 2019/2020 Week 2

Week 2 of qualifying saw 30 teams playing for the 5 remaining spots on Finals Day. The winners of each group would go straight through to the second round with the 6 runners-up and 2 best 3rd placed teams playing off to decide who would join them for the final games of the day.

Group 1 saw both Hundon D and Burstall B finish on 6 points, Hundon edged it on shots. And Badwell Ash also made it through, in third.

Group 2 was topped by Chelmondiston B, who won all their games, Claydon E finished second on 6 points.

Group 3 saw Barking B first to qualify, winning the group with a game still to play, Chelmondiston C, with 5 points, were through in second.

Group 4 finished with two teams on 7 points, Barking C finished top, just ahead of Cockfield B. Claydon B made it through in third.

Group 5 had Gt Blakenham and Withersfield B both through with a game each still to play. They both finished on 7 points, with Blakenham winning the group by a single shot.

Group 6 was comfortably won by Claydon A who won all their games and finished 3 points clear of Hoggards Green.

First Round
Burstall B v Withersfield B

A close game but Withersfield won the first end and did just enough to stay ahead throughout the game, winning 6-4.

Claydon E v Hoggards Green
The game was all over after the first end which saw Claydon pick up a full house, going on to a comprehensive 15-2 victory.

Chelmondiston C v Badwell Ash
Chelmo led from the start and although there was only one shot in it with 2 ends to go, they won them both, finishing 9-4 up.

Cockfield B v Claydon B
Halfway through Cockfield had a handsome 6-1 lead after 4 ends but at this point Claydon started to play. Cockfield did manage to rescue a losing position on the 7th end but only did enough to take it to an extra end. Cockfield’s decision to give the jack away on the 8th may not have been the best, Claydon got in their first and held on to complete their comeback, winning 7-6

Second Round
Hundon D v Claydon A
Claydon were off to the best start and were alwasy in control, taking the game 9-4.

Chelmondiston B v Withersfield B
Close all the way through, the two teams went into the final end at 5-5 with Chelmo just edging the game with a single on the last.

Barking B v Claydon E
Having just about held sway over the game Barking suffered a disatrous 6th end which saw them drop 4 and fall 7-4 behind. On the final end Claydon did what was needed, Barking pulled back 2 but a third always seemed unlikely.

Barking C v Chelmondiston C
Barking led from the start and were never in danger as they ran out 12-2 winners.

Gt Blakenham v Claydon B
There was never much in it on any of the ends but the difference between the two teams was that Blakenham were closer on 6 of the 7, they finished 7-1 winners.

Barking C -
Mick & Shirley Watkins
Chelmondiston B - Adam & Karen Hubbard
Claydon A - Jim & Sally Goodrich
Claydon B - David Ford & Andy Pooley
Gt Blakenham - Steven Cain & Michael Welham

You can find all the day's results here.

And you can see footage of the day's play here.

Suffolk Pairs 2019/2020 Week 1

20 teams were playing for 3 spots on finals day in the first week of qualifying. The winners of each group would go straight through to the second round with the 4 runners-up playing off to decide who would join them for the final games of the day.

Group 1 saw Knodishall E through on 6 points with the final game deciding whether that would be good enough for the win. It wasn’t. Barking D finished on 6 points but won the group on shots.

Group 2 was won by Hundon A with a game still to play, with Cockfield A taking second place with 3 wins and one loss.

Group 3 was wrapped up by Kelsale who dropped just one point in their 4 games, while Witnesham made it through on 5 points, but only by a couple of shots over Hintlesham.

Group 4 came down to the final game between Hundon C and Brockley with both teams having won their first 3 games. It was Hundon who came out on top, finishing with a perfect record.

Knockout Stages
Round 1
Knodishall E v Cockfield A

Cockfield edged out to a 5-1 lead. However Knodishall came back to square the game and set up a final end shoot out which Cockfield took by the smallest of margins.

Witnesham v Brockley
Brockley used their final wood on the first end to go from 3 down to 3 up, setting the tone for the game which they went on to win 8-3.

Round 2
Barking D v Hundon C

A decisive 4th end saw Barking pull ahead and never look back, winning 8-4.

Hundon A v Cockfield A
Cockfield won the first end, but Hundon won the rest, finishing 9-1 ahead.

Kelsale v Brockley
Brockley took the lead early on and although Kelsale rallied they never got back on terms. Brockley finished 6-4 winners.

Barking D
- Sue & Andy Gilder
Brockley - Neil & Keith Jolly
Hundon A - Kevin Salmon & Ellen Grube

You can find all the day's results here.

Suffolk Triples 2019/2020

There was an entry of 31 teams for this year’s event with 6 group winners, 6 runners-up and 4 3rd placed teams making it through to the knockout rounds.

Group 1 was dominated by Hoggards Green who won all 4 games. Barking B finished second on 5 points and Old Felixstowe B were through in third on 4 points.

Group 2 saw Witnesham winning all their games, Claydon B lost just once to take second and Hundon A’s 2 wins put them through in 3rd.

Group 3 was won by an unbeaten Barking A with Stanningfield B finishing in second on 5 points.

Group 4 was topped by Chelmondiston A who were undefeated, dropping just one point and Stanningfield A came home in second, on 6 points.

Group 5 saw Claydon C drop just one point as they finished top, one point ahead of Chelmondiston B. Knodishall C’s 4 points was enough to see them through.

Group 6, which had 6 teams, produced 2 teams who won all 4 of their games, Knodishall A and Chelmondiston C. Burstall were also through with 4 points.

Knockout Stages
Round 1
Stanningfield B
pretty much wrapped up their game against their A team on the first end by taking 5. They went on to win 11-2.

It was the same result for Hundon A over Hoggards Green as they went 5-0 up after 3 ends.

Knodishall C were 6-1 up early on over Witnesham, but 6-6 after 5 ends. However Knodishall took the last 2 to win 8-6.

Barking A started against Burstall with a 4 and went on to win 8-4.

A tight game between Chelmos A and B saw A winning 5-3.

Even tighter between Claydon C and Chelmondiston C which Claydon hung on to 5-4.

Knodishall A took 2 on the last to beat Old Felixstowe B, also 5-4.

And Claydon B took the lead after 3 ends against Barking B, going on to win 8-2.

Quarter Finals
After dropping the first end Chelmondiston A had a good run of ends to go 8-1 over Claydon C, finally winning 8-5.

Knodishall A held off Claydon B to win 7-5 after being well ahead.

Hundon A went from 2-0 down to 11-2 up in the space of 4 ends against Stanningfield B, winning 11-4.

Barking A had their game against Knodishall C settled early on and were able to drop the last 3 ends and still win 9-5.

Semi Finals
Knodishall A
were ahead for one end, after the second, but Barking A blitzed the rest, running away to a 13-2 victory.

At 4-3 to Hundon A after 5 ends against Chelmo A, it was close, but Hundon secured both of the final 2 ends to take a comfortable looking 8-3 win.

Barking/Claydon (Tom & Sam Runnacles and Clint Watling)
v Hundon (Kevin Salmon, Nick Wood & Ellen Grube)

Hundon began by taking 2 shots on the first end but Barking had them back level after 3 and the next end jumped into a 5-2 lead witha 3. However Hundon pulled that back to just 5-4 and were back in the game again. But not for long. The 6th end was the killer as Barking took 4 shots to go into the final end 5 ahead. Hundon grabbed 2 on the last to make the score more respectable, but it was a 9-6 win to Barking/Claydon who have now taken the title for an unprecedented 4 consecutive years and 5 times in total.

You can see a replay of the match here, with apologies for the lack of sound (please note that the video quality was limited by the speed of the internet connection).


You can find a full copy of the day's results here.

Suffolk Fours 2019/2020

There were 31 teams cometeing across 7 groups with 16 teams playing off for the 8 spots for Finals Day.

Group 1 saw Knodishall A and Copdock & Washbrook play their final group game to decide the winners, in the end it was Knodishall who finished top with Copdock runners-up.

Group 2 was won easily by Cockfield A who won all 4 games, Elmsett A won only 2 but were through as runners-up.

Group 3 was topped by Offton & Willisham on maximum points while Hoggards Green B (with a couple of last minute stand-ins) came in second on 6 points.

Group 4 winners were Stanningfield who were undefeated, Belstead/Brockley finished second with 3 wins and a loss.

Group 5 saw Burstall A drop just 1 point to take the win, Gt Blakenham came through to second with 5 points and Hundon A's 4 points and 32 shots was enough to see them through as well.

Group 6 ended up with three teams on 6 points, Claydon B were top with 34 shots, Bildeston second on 30 and Barking/Claydon ended up 3rd but with enough points to also qualify.

Group 7 was won by Hintlesham & Chattisham who won all their games while Knodishall B lost just once to come home second.

Knockout Round
were off to a good start and carried that through to beat Bildeston 8-4. Barking/Claydon started with 5 on the first end against Offton & Willisham, finally winning 11-4. Gt Blakenham sealed their win over Belstead/Brockley with a 5 on end 4, winning 9-1. Claydon B came from 5 behind to beat Knodishall B 9-6. And Cockfield A came from 4-1 down with 3 ends to go to win 14-4 against Hoggards Green B.

Meanwhile no less than 3 games ended 8-8 and needed extra ends to be resolved. Elmsett A beat Knodishall A 10-8, Hintlesham & Chattisham beat Copdock & Washbrook 9-8, as did Hundon A over Burstall A.

Barking/Claydon -
Rita, Pete, Sam Runnacles and Clint Watling
Claydon B -
Emma Watling, Ally Hobbs, John Varden & Andy Pooley
Cockfield A -
Sue & Graham Davey, Colin & Peter Fellingham
Elmsett A -
Paul & Sue Cousins, Russell Leeks and Sylvia Hiskey
Gt Blakenham -
Steven & Heather Cain and Mervyn & Michael Welham
Hintlesham & Chattisham - Lauren Beckett de Banks, Keith Bell, Glen Avis and Frank Wilkin
Hundon A
- Ralph & Linda Sadgrove, Ellen Grube, & Kevin Salmon
Stanningfield -
Trevor Bean, Paul Leach, Robin Parnell & Brian Pryke

You can find a full copy of the day's results here.