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Suffolk Triples 2017/2018

35 teams were competing in 7 groups of 5 with the winners, runners-up and 2 best third placed teams making it through to the Knockout Stages which would be played all the way down to the final.

Group 1
Three teams won 3 games and lost one and all of them qualified for the Knockout Stages. Cockfield A had 33 shots for and 13 against, Belstead 33 for and 19 against and Hundon A 27 for and 17 against.

Group 2
Gt Blakenham B
won the group with 6 points and 32 shots while Claydon were runners-up with 6 points and 27 shots.

Group 3
Gt Welnetham
were one of only 2 teams to win all their group games, finishing top of the group. Bealings, with 5 points and 30 shots just edged out Hundon B who also finished on 5 points and 21 shots.

Group 4
Again 3 teams finished on 6 points and all qualified. Claydon/Barking finished top with 42 shots, Knodishall A had 35 shots for and 17 against, Hoggards Green A 35 shots for and 19 against.

Group 5
took with group with 6 points while the remaining 4 teams ended up within just one point of one another. The best of them was Somersham on 4 points.

Group 6
Gt Blakenham A
were the other team to win four out of four, finishing top. Brockley/Kelsale won 3 and lost one to finish second.

Group 7
Yet another group with 3 teams finishing on 6 points. Old Felixstowe B had 29 points for first place, Nayland had 24 shots for second and Knodishall B with only 20 shots were unlucky to miss out on qualification.

Knockout Rounds
Round 1
and Cockfield A were all square going into the last end which Claydon took to win 5-3.

Gt Blakenham B led most of the game against Hundon A but lost as Hundon picked up 3 on the last end to win 6-4.

Gt Welnetham had their noses in front from the fourth end on and beat Hoggards Green A 6-4.

Somersham won the first couple of ends after which Claydon/Barking came on strong to win 10-3.

It was just one shot and end between Barking and Brockley/Kelsale, but Barking could only win 2 of them.

Gt Blakenham A came from 5-2 down after 4 ends to win 6-5 against Knodishall A.

Old Felixstowe B went from 4-2 down to beat Bealings 7-5.

Not even a 5 on the 6th end was enough to save Belstead as they lost 11-6 against Nayland.

Quarter Finals
came from 5-1 down after 5 ends against Gt Welnetham to win the game 6-5 on an extra end.

Claydon/Barking didn't let Hundon A get a foothold as they won 9-3.

Gt Blakenham A came from behind again, against Nayland to win 6-4.

Old Felixstowe B and Brockley/Kelsale went into the last end all square. With the final Felixstowe wood still to be bowled they were 4 down but they moved the jack into a cluster of their woods where only a very tricky draw could save the game. Old Felixstowe won 12-6.

Old Felixstowe B
moved to 4-1 up after 3 ends, but Gt Blakenham A fought their way back to lead going into the last end. Even so a final wood nearly forced an extra end, but it wasn't quite enough as Blakenham won 6-5 to end a very impressive run from the Felixstowe team.

Claydon/Barking never gave Claydon a look in as they ran away to an 11-1 win

(Tom & Sam Runnacles and Clint Watling) v Gt Blakenham A (Steven Cain, Andrew Pooley & David Ford)
End 1 – Tom cuts down the count with his last wood, Steven can't add to that 2-0 to Blakenham.
End 2 – At 5 down Tom gets his last wood in to cut it down to just one. 3-0.
End 3 – David is winning the battle of the leads against Clint. But Tom pushes the jack back and then out to the side to take the end. 3-2.
End 4 – Clint's first wood is on the jack (although the 2nd one is off the end) Andy gets a good second. Steven takes advantage of the opposition's lack of back woods and moves the jack to take 3. 6-2.
End 5 – Better opening woods are putting Claydon/Barking under early pressure. The skips do nothing and it's one more to Blakenham. 7-2.
End 6 – Claydon/Barking are up but Steven can just play for second wood. Tom gets a second and with his last wood does the only thing he can and plays to take the opposition's nearest wood out. It might have cost the game but it works perfectly and they pick up a four and get them back in a game that had looked lost a few minutes earlier. 7-6.
End 7 – Sam plays Blakenham's shot wood off the jack to hold. Tom moves the jack and may hold 2, Steven misses with his last so it's one and a measure to Claydon/Barking and the measure goes to them, they pick up 2 shots to complete a remarkable comeback and win 8-7, retaining the title which they have now won 3 times.

You can find a full copy of the day's results here.

Suffolk Fours 2017/2018

There were 28 teams entered this year. Playing in 7 groups of 4, the top two teams from each group would qualify for the knockout stages plus the two best third placed teams, producing the 8 teams for Finals Day.

Group 1
Bealings comfortably won the group, winning all three of their games. The other teams took one win each which meant that Somersham also made it through with 2 points and 23 shots.

Group 2
Hundon A won all 3 games to top the group and Hoggards Green B lost just once to go through as runners-up. And Chelmodiston C's 2 points and 19 shots was good enough for one of the best 3rd placed teams.

Group 3
Cockfield A finished on maximum points and Thurston were runners-up on 4 points.

Group 4
Barking A ran away with the group, winning all their games, racking up 40 shots and conceeding only 3. Kelsale/Knodishall, despite losing 16-0 to Barking, won their other 2 games to qualify.

Group 5
Kelsale/Brockley finished top with 6 points, Hundon B's one win and 23 shots was enough for second place and Hoggards Green A, with 2 points and 19 shots were through in third.

Group 6
Withersfield A won three out of three to finish first while Barking B won two and lost one to finish as runners-up.

Group 7
Claydon won the group with 2 wins and a draw while Chelmondiston A lost one game to finish in a comfortable second place.

Knockout Round
In a prime example of the Round Robin results counting for very little, of the seven group winners only three of them won the one and only Knockout Round game that would take them to Finals Day and one of the teams who had scraped through in third place managed to get through.

Hoggards Green A won only their second game of the day to beat Barking A 9-3.

Cockfield A came from 7-2 down to snatch victory on the last end 10-7 over Chelmondistion A.

Barking B came from behind to beat Hundon A 7-5 on the last end.

Hundon B went from all square against Bealings to winning 10-3 by picking up 7 shots on the last 3 ends.

Somersham never got a look in as Kelsale/Knodishall romped away to a 16-0 win.

Although Claydon never headed Thurston it needed a fortunate wood right at the end for Thurston to snatch a 6-5 win.

Withersfield A edged away from Hoggards Green B halfway through their game and held on to win 6-4.

Although close early on Kelsale/Brockley ran away from Chelmondiston C in the latter part of their game to win 13-2.

Barking B -
Rita & Pete Runnacles, Jean Sampson and John Dowsing
Cockfield A -
Colin & Peter Fellingham and Sue & Graham Davey
Hoggards Green A - Geoff & Margaret Holland, Robin Frederick and Colin Barnes
Hundon B - Ann Hathaway, Nick Wood, Pam Deeks & Andrew Cooper
Kelsale/Brockley - Paul, Mike & Rita Daniels and Neil Jolly
Kelsale/Knodishall - Peter & Kay Masters and David & Julie Hurr
Thurston - Len Lamb, Sally Dalton, Helen Halls and Marie Hagger
Withersfield A - Lin & Tony Cooke, Stuart McNeil and Lisa Edmead

You can find a full copy of the day's results here.